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  1. Break them up / take them apart then take them to your nearest tip / Household waste recycling centre)? https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/bins-recycling-services/household-waste-recycling-centres
  2. Please excuse my ignorance when it comes to what helps your asthma, but would a boating lake count? If so Millhouses Park cafe is an option. A little further afield I think Cannon Hall has a cafe very close to water.
  3. Completely your choice of course, but I'd suggest there isn't a Greek restaurant in Sheffield that is likely to offer something more proper or authentic than the natives can get at home.
  4. 1st Choice 1st Class have always been perfect for me. 0114 233 1875.
  5. I couldn't disagree more.
  6. This is more than a year out of date, but the company I have used previously (1st Choice 1st Class) charged £58 each way.
  7. A long time ago (15 years!) I used to drive to Meadowhall (where you could park for free, at least at the time) and get the National Express bus. I seem to remember it was about £5 return but will surely have gone up. Bus starts from Sheffield bus station and stops in a couple of places in Leeds. I got the return from Leeds bus station.
  8. Our experience over last ~3 months 1st time: Was really impressed, best we've had from a local takeaway in quite some time. 2nd time: Really poor, with quality of the meat and flavour well below what it was before. 3rd time: Gave it another go after 1st experience and it was good again! Previous visit must have been an off night... 4th time: Ugh, poor again. So a little torn right now! Seems next time wil be good based on the pattern, but not sure we want to try again...
  9. Popped to Hillsborough earlier for a couple of things - around 11:30am they were beginning to cone off side roads and put stewards in place to check cars entering.
  10. Tend to agree. Only time I go in is when waiting for a takeaway from Rajput, and even then only if there is some football on the TV. Otherwise it's Hallamshire.
  11. 3 different black cabs (with lights on) refused to take my wife and I from Division Street to Stannington on Saturday night (around 1am). It's impossible to feel any sympathy for the likes of Uber eating into their business when they act like that.
  12. Went to Wong Ting recently for the first time and was disappointed. Thought food was generally tasteless, over salted and with poor quality meat used. We did have the banquet (all you can eat) menu, which we wouldn't usually, as typically it means lower quality. However most of the dishes we would have gone for from the a la carte were on the banquet menu too. I did wonder whether the same dish would have been better quality from the a la carte, but surely it would simply be the same?
  13. Vero Gusto, which is lovely, appears to be for sale: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-63048754.html
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