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  1. Through history past , The good tends to last , What's new isn't always what's better , When my age left school , The tunes were so cool , And a job could be gained with one letter , Think old skool was best , In my luminous vest , Njoi , sweet temptation , hardcore , Just can't stop my feet , When I hear English beat , Or the prodigys take on their law , Now the internets king , In socializing, The world on a screen in our pocket , Perhaps somethings lost , In gain without cost , But in knowledge I guess we can't knock it , ;-)
  2. Its got nothing to do with barriers ... There is a public footpath about 200 yards from the roundabout crosses four lanes... Theyed have to build a bridge for access to a couple of buildings and some stables etc , might even be penine trail ... Dont quote me though ;-)
  3. Accents are opinions, opinions on a sound, They change both with experience , and when you move around,, So nice is the familiar, the sounds we make our own, Perhaps the whole wide world should speak , the way just you were shown, I see your world , of painted white , Where everybody speaks just right, Remove the mountains, Fill in sea, Flatten all dyversity,, Very strange past watford gap Breadcakes shapeshift into baps, One off eight, is not a sum, Its three steps back, then turn and run , Know a scouser, hear a brummy, As for geordies, so so funny, Long may dialect remain, Cloning us is quite insane,
  4. Yes different user name , email address i can no longer access... Been sent a link ... May find my old acount yet .... Bout 8 years ago ;-) Hi btw , all you fellow newbies
  5. I used to be on here a lot , So many years ago, So many years ive now forgot, The names i used to know The chats we had, both good and bad So many things discussed My name is shug, under my rug, Theres such a lot of dust, Anyone remember me ? ;-)
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