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  1. Girls! Good news!! I will get married next year!! However wedding preparing is reaaaally a big headache. As for the dresses, I have find the three dresses style online but have no idea which one is the best. Maybe you got some ideas for me? The more the better. TXS~ http://www.woweddingdress.com/en/sweetheart-beaded-chapel-train-bridal-gown.html http://www.woweddingdress.com/en/strapless-lace-and-jewel-applique-detail-indoor-wedding-gown.html http://www.woweddingdress.com/en/fantastic-strapless-ball-gown-floral-wedding-gown.html
  2. My friend maybe has this film. I 'll check this for you.
  3. Very creative idea. Sorry can't help you.
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