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  1. There’s quite a few on preloved
  2. Thanks for that Unfortunately I’ve heard from no one so I ended up going myself
  3. Anyone know of any help in the arbourthorne area? I live with the person I care for we’re both isolating cause I’ve cold symptoms and wheezing due to asthma she suffers severe mental health Lloyd’s was meant to be delivering her medications I rang them up to be told they aren’t delivering. There’s no one else the neighbours are elderly and isolating and family are also isolating as high risk I explained this to them and said there’s only me and I’ve been told to keep at home , the person I care for does not go out alone due to mental health I said so I have to come myself though I’ve got these symptoms they simply told me yes sorry I mean for real.... keep home isolate if your ill... Lloyd’s are more than happy for me to go get the meds for her well I’ve no masks so surely no come backs?! I don’t know if any help in the arbourthorne area so I’ve no choice otherwise this lot is ridiculous I cannot believe Lloyd’s I really can’t
  4. What I can say is if your having your dog castrated or spayed or routine vaccines then yeah you have to pay regardless of benefits however operations is normally donation but they can give you a print out of what it would’ve cost to help you with your donation
  5. The best vet I’ve ever come across is white cross vets at handsworth bit of a trek but well worth it
  6. He’s beautiful we also got a new addition lost one of my Shih tzus back in may and my other been struggling so she’s got a little pal now he’s a little bleeder but he’s cute
  7. I had a staffy that did this but his tail always wagged but if he got abit puppy he’d have time out in his cage it did seem to stop it but he was just very playful
  8. I bought one of these for my staffie paid £50 from pets at home never had a problem, my shih Tzu now wears it and it’s perfect for her she’s no time once managed to step out of it. It’s one of the best harnesses I’ve ever had and definitely worth the money
  9. Hi all really wanting some advice . so yesterday found a baby pigeon on the drive it was very scared but I managed to pick it up and keep him or her safe. the nest is actually on my roof which I can’t get to and I know you should never return a pigeon to it’s nest. tbh the amount of bird poop allover the drive is disgusting having to clean it daily so ideally want them all gone but obviously this is a baby it’s got quite a few feathers but can’t fly yet. does anyone know where I could take it like to be looked after? I can and have brought up wild birds before as I also seem to find a lot but never had any advice so I would try my best to bring them up but then they don’t go cause they think I’m mummy or something lol any advice much appreciated
  10. Hi people here’s hoping someone may be able to help. my mums doing a run to the cancer hospital and they are in need of any unwanted wool so come on guys show your support for cancer you can drop it off as my mum will be making a trip there or if your very near Norfolk park possible collection any donation is greatly appreciated #standuptocancer
  11. Try Boweslyon they are abit more expensive than mos borough though
  12. I’ve no problem with that I never had a problem with your post however, I only replied to what you said. I’m not into internet arguments or being a keyboard warrior this however IS a forum and many people will write things others disagree with and if we all had the same views it would be a VERY weird world! These type of things happen all the time And I only suspect it won’t be long before Meadowhall gets it as it has been threatened for years!
  13. TWo loud bangs and alll sirens can now be heard from manor top city road area
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