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  1. Well todays the day, how many of you will be voting? Not many I'll be guessing, if the turnout is less than 10% will the election be declared null and void? it should be, how can the candidate say they have a mandate from the people??
  2. Can anyone tell me, when the council intend to re-surface the main road through Crookes, the surface is a complete and utter disgrace, they are wasting time doing more than adequate roads in Parson Cross, when we are banging about and doing damage to our cars!!!
  3. will the council be doing anything about the bus that stands on the one way system at malin bridge? blocking the inside lane to Hillsborough, now that it putting parking bays on the one way out of Hillsborough
  4. Hi, can anyone tell me the best place to start a walk in rivelin, Malin Bridge or from the post office?
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