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  1. Probably an Iridium flare, sunlight reflecting of the solar panels on an Iridium satellite. Very common around dusk and dawn but also visible when it's completely dark. There are apps and websites that will tell you where and when one will be visible.
  2. I've been twice and just used free wifi when available for calls and texts back to the UK.
  3. I bought my son a 3D printer from them. Didn't have any problems and took about 2 weeks to arrive.
  4. Email them, I had the same problem a year or so ago. Ages on the phone going round in circles, someone I spoke to (on the phone) told me the best way to contact them is email.
  5. I wouldn't bother with Hollywood Studios. Quite a bit of it is closed for the building of a Star Wars themed area opening in 2019. The Studio Backlot Tour, Magic of Disney Animation, Lights, Motors, Action!, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure, the Streets of America have all gone. However the Hollywood Studios Star Wars fireworks are not to be missed, we went just to see these after a day at Typhoon Lagoon.
  6. I had really bad gum disease a few years ago. I think the numbers the dentist calls out as they do a check up refers to how bad the gum disease is, mine were all above 4. I started using Corsydol toothpaste, tastes really bad but you get used to it. I found I couldn't use Corsydol mouthwash because it made my tongue sore. So I use cheap Chlorohexadine mouthwash and occasionally the interdental brushes. The numbers my dentist calls out now are 0, 1 or the odd 2 and he says I've probably managed to save most of my teeth!
  7. It's the first building on the right after the coffee shop.
  8. We had two weeks in Florida in August, our second visit, enjoyed it more this time than the first time! It doesn't have to be tiring, you plan your days so you have a busy day then a rest day, follow a late night with a late start day. Book your fast passes as soon as your window opens, any rides you can't get fast passes for get to the park for opening time and do that ride first before the queue builds up. We picked our car up straight from the airport, no problem with jet lag flying out, return is worse! Only thing I'd do different is I wouldn't go in August again, 40 deg C everyday! Last we went in March/ April and it was much more comfortable. Dieney has now reached the max crowd levels for the parks, so now they want as much cash out of each guest as possible! It's expensive, but worth it in my opinion.
  9. Don't use copper grease on pistons or anything that comes into contact with rubber seals, it's oil based and will make the rubber swell and cause problems. Use silicon grease instead, that why they supply a little tube of silicon grease with caliper refurb kits.
  10. We went in March/ April 2012 and are going again this August. Booked a package with Virgin, flying from Gatwick and staying at Radisson Resort Celebration. Buy your park tickets before you go, I've got ours from Floridatix, if you're staying on a Disney resort you can start booking your fastpasses 60 days in advance, 30 days if your staying 'off site'. We've got 14 day Disney pass and 14 day Universal pass. Don't take the standard insurance that you get offered for the car, it's not enough! Our car is with Alamo, they do an online check in and skip the counter so you don't get the hard sell for satnavs, upgrading to a bigger car, more insurance etc after an 8 hour flight. Use a free satnav on your smartphone instead of buying a satnav and maps. Navmii and maps.me are free and don't use any data. Food, last time we went to Golden Corral for our breakfasts, it's not the best, but you pay and it's all you can eat. Plan on eating a big breakfast and go as long as you can through the day on that breakfast, the food in the parks is expensive! We also tried iHop and Mcdonalds but preferred Golden Corral. Drinks, it's hot and humid so you need to drink plenty, bottles of Coke, Gatorade, water etc are on sale all over the parks but they're about $3-$4 so it soon adds up. This year we plan to buy bottled water from a Walmart and those little bottles of concentrated flavours, make these the night before and put them in the hotel room fridge for our first drink in the parks. There are water fountains around the parks but the water doesn't taste that good. You need to plan your days, which parks your going to and when. There's parades throughout the day at Disney parks and its handy to know what time they start so you can watch them or avoid them and get on a ride while everyone else is watching the parade. Check for planned ride shutdowns, for example our first day at Magic Kingdom is on the 5th August. Big Thunder Mountain closes for refurb soon after that so we have made it a priority to book a fastpass on the 5th. Any new rides will have big queues, so fastpass those. You get three fastpasses with an hour time slot for each fastpass, you can't book anymore until you've used your last one, so don't make that last one too late in the day! Another way of doing it is to arrive as the park opens and go straight to a ride you want to go on before the queue builds up. Go to the water parks, these are my kids favourite bit, Typhoon Lagoon in particular. Get some wet socks (neoprene socks), the floor gets hot and the bottom of the big wave pool is like Artex! They wont let you on the slides with pool shoes or flip flops on in case they catch and suddenly grip on the slide,glasses are allowed if they are secured. I could go on, but there's loads of sources for information about a holiday in Florida, check out The DIBB forum, everything is on there.
  11. The building nearest the Cabrook Hall is the melting shop. Could have been a basket with some wet scrap going into the furnace, that makes a nice bang and brings a bit of dust down, that's if they're melting tonight. Just to confirm, my mates just text me, security says nothing has happened tonight and no curtains or soft furnishings have been harmed.
  12. I work there, just text a mate who's on nights there and he's not heard anything. You know it's steelworks don't you? Smoke and the odd loud bang are part of a normal shift, and you can lose count of how many ambulances go past on their way to the NGH.
  13. Just cured a similar fault on my 2003 Primera, on tick over the revs would drop to 3-400 rpm and almost stall. Turned out to be an air leak on the inlet manifold. It's a two piece plenum chamber and three out of six of the nuts holding it together were only hand tight.
  14. They've done the same thing on the Woodhouse side of the roundabout. As you come down from the tip there used to be two lanes, now there's one lane and a big hatched area. All that's going to do is turn it into a longer single lane queue!
  15. I do five mornings then four nights, eating is a strange one, it depends how busy you are. We sometimes have shifts where there's nothing to do, so we just sit in an office and its hard not to keep snacking. I usually get a sugar craving between 3 and 5am. After years of shift work I've recently got fed up of taking sandwiches for my snap, I now just take cereal and fruit what ever shift I'm on and I feel much better for it! It depends what work you're doing but I try not to go to work after a big meal and have something to eat before I go to bed, otherwise I get woken up because I'm hungry. I suppose every ones different and it will take time to see what suits you best.
  16. Nothing wrong with Halfords oil, I've used it several times. I've also used Carlube 10w40 Semi Synthetic, this is on offer at the moment £9.99 for 5 litres at B&M Home Bargains.
  17. On the Meridian trains as well as luggage space at the ends of the carriage there is space between the back to back seats of the seats with tables. Many people seem to miss this and it's handy if your sat in the middle of the carriage and want to keep an eye on your luggage.
  18. If you walk from Adeje towards Las Americas keep on the sea front and you will find yourself in Porto Colon. It's a small bay with inflatables in the sea and a marina where the catamarans that do the dolphin and whale watching cruises depart from. Theres' a few bars around there that have acts on, but last time I was there they all seemed to be Elvis! There's a few decent places to eat there too, we always go to the China Garden which is on the far end of the bay, looking over the beach.
  19. The hammers are on the River Don Works site but don't belong to Forgemasters anymore, I think the company is called Alcoa, I was on nights last night at Forgemasters and when the hammers are going it makes your tea ripple, Jurassic Park style!
  20. I used to have a Samsung TV that turned itself on to do a software update.
  21. If you close all the steelworks down wheres all the scrap steel that gets remelted going to go? You can't use the cheap steel for everything, certain industries need the high quality steel that Forgemasters produce, and they don't just make steel, it's what they are capable of turning it into that's important and needs protecting!
  22. Sounds like an Iridium flare, sunlight reflecting off the solar panels of an Iridium satellite. The sightings of them can be predicted for your location using smartphone apps and (I think) the heavens above website.
  23. Don't rely on the advice from the Post Office being correct. They told me my photos were no good because I was wearing glasses, this was the third set of photos they'd said were no good. I showed them to some one I know who works in immigration at Dover and Calais, they said the photos were fine so I sent off the application and they were accepted.
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