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  1. Does anyone know of a company in Sheffield that manufacture and supply windows, no fitting required. Thanks in advance
  2. I do agree with this all mods on any forum work hard to keep things running good, i myself am an administrator on a small community gaming forum and i know how hard it is to see everything
  3. It's a shame as there will be lots of good information and help to be had if people didn't feel this way.
  4. I am new here on the forum but lived in Sheffield all my life. I have been looking through some of the posts and looked at peoples comments. Sometimes not a good comment to be honest and yes i know we all have an opinion but sometimes there are ways of saying things without the sarcastic comments etc. My question is have you every been put off by someones comments and considered not posting again? This goes for any forum not just this one
  5. I used a company called Rob Green did a fab job and great priceif that is any good. Gave us a free quote with no pressure to buy
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