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  1. I am just wanting to establish interest for yoga classes outdoors in the park over the summer months? Anyone interested?
  2. The most important thing in life is that you protect your health. Anything else is irrelevant. No job or amount of money is worth risking your health or sanity for. its simple if you are well then work if you are not then don't. having guilt about the frequency of unavoidable illness is not healthy.
  3. see http://www.juliayoga.org for class times and details, £5 per class, suitable for beginners.
  4. Well we have only been here since september and it happened to us. 'why?' = good question and I would provide an answer if there was a justification for us mindless vandalism.. my guess is drinks? drugs? boredom? take your pick
  5. Im originally from Norfolk, but have lived in Staffordshire and Oxfordshire, maybe its partly due to it being my first 'city' living experience.
  6. Indeed, I can they are in the minority from the responses to this thread, the majority have been positive and useful, someone always has to spoil it though don't they.
  7. This is a prime example of the behavior which seems common place here. If you are happy to live in dog s*** and rubbish then good for you, I have slightly higher hopes for my living environment however.
  8. When you were applauding that bloke for his work ethic (that Chris_B), I could not work out if you were being honest or facetious, all people who work have the ethic. I had it for 40 years now sadly on verge of medical retirement. I hoped it was obvious, but I was definitely being sarcastic, I am aware that he is certainly not the only person to have a work ethic and it disturbed me that he feels so righteous about it.
  9. ---------- Post added 10-04-2013 at 19:59 ---------- [/color] Is this for charity? sponsored BS pardon?
  10. *claps hands* what a unique and rare trait you do possess, definitely deserving of your self congratulation.
  11. which areas do you think are less affected? I came here because my partner is doing a masters at the university and I thought it would be a vibrant and exciting city to work and live in.
  12. just off chesterfield road, in Meersbrook. I accept there is undoubtedly some areas which are pleasant and are not affected by these issues, but I am afraid it has not been a good impression of the City.
  13. I thought Sheffield would be a friendly, down to earth and great place to live and was looking forward to living here. However ever since being here I have been surprised about the reality of life here. Rubbish strewn streets like never seen anywhere else, roads so full of pot holes its highly dangerous to ride a bike, people throwing eggs and bricks at our windows, people letting their dogs poo in the middle of pavements with no shame, and yet there is a surprisingly intolerant attitude displayed by an alarming amount of Sheffield forum users. On the positive side I have met about three people since being here who are genuine and lovely and the peak district is great, but as for Sheffield, it has been completely disappointing and definitely not somewhere I wish to continue living.
  14. some people on here are about as wised up about the realities of unemployment as a monkey. Im sure there is a minority who abuse the system but do not generalise or stereotype. As a postgraduate with a Merit in Legal Practice from Oxford I have been unable to find a position despite my best efforts, for six months. After numerous interviews, I have repeatedly been told told I am second best and need extra experience despite having spent three years volunteering at the citizens advice bureau, providing valuable advice for free, and cannot find work as a barmaid/ waitress/ shop worker etc because they all say I am over qualified. I am now taking extra qualifications in teaching English, and as a yoga teacher which are costly in the aim of increasing my employability- in the mean time however the reality is that for me not to be homeless, I do need to claim £56 a week until someone gives me an opportunity. Its not a luxurious, rewarding existence, I don't spend my days drinking beer and playing grand theft auto, I volunteer, I do hundreds of applications, I do additional courses and I am shocked at the naivety of some people on here. I severely hope you loose your jobs and are treated with as much disrespect as you show legitimate benefit claimants on here.
  15. New class starting at the new Martial Arts & Fitness Centre in Chapeltown on Wednesday 24th April 7:30 to 8:30, Suitable for Beginners, £5 http://www.juliayoga.org
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