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  1. Dead end on the Scottish link . The only one ( my mother ) who seemd to remember anything in this regard passed away last month .
  2. There was many times where there was mention , by my mother , of a link to Scotland . Unfortunately she passed away just a month ago so I cannot do any follow up on this . I have one uncle still alive ( Les Limage ) but I'm not sure he can help with of this . I will ask however .
  3. Thanks for this Hugh , appreciated . I think it might be tied into my search rather than a separate search . I truly did not expect it to have so many involved but I am extremely grateful to all those who are . Thanks again , Roy
  4. Hugh , Thanks for all of this . Initially we couldn't seem to get past Bertha and William , now we have what amounts to 163 years to sort out thanks to yourself , Hillsbro , Smary and Duffems . Thank you so much all of you , you guys are great Roy
  5. Special thanks go to Hillsbro , Smary and Duffems for what amounts to 163 years of Limage family history . Your combined help has filled in many gaps for us . Your help in our seach is greatly appreciated . Roy Tomlinson Alberta , Canada
  6. Thanks for this one Duffems . Irene was my mother , she passed away last month at the age of 92 . There is on discrepency though and that is with her date of birth , it should be August , not September . I will have to delve deeper on this . Many thanks for this , appreciated
  7. Thanks for this Hillsbro . The Roy W. A . Tomlinson is me . Dad was a Canadian over seas during the war and met Mom in Sheffield . You have provided some good info regarding William Limage , that is very helpful . Many thanks , Roy
  8. Looking for any information on the Limage family . William and Bertha ( parents) Roy , Irene , Gordon and Lesley . Possibly lived in Handsworth ( circa 1950's ) . Gord was a bricklayer , Les drove for a washmachine company ( three wheeler) . Any info will be welcome .
  9. Arbourthorne North was on Craddock Rd . It opened it's doors in 1937 and continued using this name until 1954 . At that time the name changed to Norfolk School . Both schools are one and the same .
  10. A special thanks to hillsbro and smary , Shirley has been located and all that remains is to re-connect :thumbsup:
  11. Thanks hillsbro and smary , I did not expect to have such a fast response to my search . The information you have provided is of a tremendous help and my gratitude goes out to both of you . Roy
  12. I'm trying to find a long lost cousin , Shirley Limage , born in Sheffield approximately 1954 . Her fathers name was Gordon Limage , mothers name Brenda ( maiden name unknown ) . Shirley's parents split when she was very young , her father came to Canada . If Shirley's mother remarried she may have changed her surname also . Also , if Shirley married there would be another name change .That is all the info I have currently , any help on this would be appreciated
  13. Arthur Lismer of the Group of Seven 1885-1969 Arthur Lismer was born in Sheffield, England. At the age of 26, he immigrated to Canada seeking work as a commercial illustrator. It was at the Grip Engraving Company in Toronto that he met a group of other talented young artists and formed the Group of Seven. Together, they organized trips to explore and sketch the wilderness - capturing the spirit of Canada in their work, and setting Canadian art on a bold and original new course.
  14. I have two pair of stilts in the garage now for when the grand-kids come over for a visit . They have a blast walking on them and it keeps them occupied and out of trouble .
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