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  1. D&A Window cleaning do's ours in s12.call 0796313351
  2. call mick on 07715250884 he used to work for David Fords we use him all the time.
  3. Just a quick thread to say thanks to the people at Heeley Millenium Park at todays opening of the revamped facilities. I didn't catch the name of the shop (sorry) but thanks to Ed for showing the kids how to ride the new bike trail and some hints,tips and words of encouragement. Also thanks for the bike maintenance. There were also lots of people tree/shrub planting to improve the area. Its a lovely little park so I advise you to give it a go!
  4. hi I have been down to the plot today and as well as finding my shed door hanging off, i have found a set of keys. pm me if you have lost them, or know of anyone who has. louise
  5. I am in S12, so not too far away.... 5 days for a 1st class birthday card from Chesterfield, however overnight for a 2nd class wage slip???
  6. Good luck and keep your chin up. I agree with you about the hobby bit and an allotment not being a job. I have a job and a family and my allotment is a hobby but it seems there are hoops to jump through to please the council. By having strict standards it is making the young ie not retired, working person very hard to own an allotment.
  7. Hi Last year the Ranger service were selling beanpoles, I got quite a few, I think they were about 50p -£1 for 6 good strong poles, approx 6 ft in length. I think you can contact the rangers via the Sheffield City council website, I sure they'll be some near to you. Hope this helps.
  8. Thank you for all those replies and words of support. It's really interesting hearing what is being done in other areas. I am searching my old photos for the 'before' pictures of my allotment so I can prove how much work we have actually done. It's makes me annoyed that had we been disabled/ older etc we may have not done as much as we have, surely that is prejudicing against those groups of people. Thanks again loom.
  9. Oooo...got an letter from the allotment office last week to say my allotment wasn't being used to its full potential and was looking untidy !!! Has anyone else gone one..?? I am a bit offended as we took on the allotment 3 yrs ago when it was 5ft high brambles, and strewn with rubbish. We cleared a lot the 1st year and have been steaily doing the rest whilst having jobs and a family. And so on January's inspection, it looked untidy ! and not fully used . The allotment office said it was due to waiting lists, which I fully appreciate and i do consider myself very lucky to have a plot, however there are at least 2 unused plots on the side (its only a very small site anyway) and they have been unused in the time I have been there. Surely if there is a waiting list then they should be willing to take on those unused plots !! Rant over, thank you
  10. Some have been around S12 around lunch time, helping themselves to anything they fancy ! I found one in my garden helping himself to some cable, (which was ok to take) only when they had gone did i realise he had also helped himself to 2 bikes and some other metal stuff. Damn !!!
  11. Sheffield City council have excelled themselves again, it is advertised on line that the grotto is open until 8 pm, so took the kids down after tea, only to find it closed at 6:30, because of a problem with the elves. However after reading the 4 pages of threads perhaps that was a good thing. I thought Weds was late night shopping, the place was like a ghost town.
  12. Try Access-Decode. Auto locksmith. He comes to your house and does it. 07920885205 / 07789201724.
  13. Yes I was wondering that too, didn't even try and my mum was travelling from Chesterfield. A bit disappointed that it wasn't cancelled as a bit of refund would have been nice. never mind, its cheaper than wrecking the car trying to get there.
  14. yes, go on the CONTACT US email, I emailed them monday eve about crap service on the 51, had 2 replies by this morning ! probably nothing get done but I got it off my chest and made me feel better
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