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  1. I’m looking for a midweek game of footy. Can’t play at weekends coz the missus works so i’ve got the kids but 5 or 6 a side would be spot on. I’m 34 almost 35. Probably a back man in the small sided game. Give me a shout if ya looking for a regular player on 07534 227 579
  2. Any 5-a-side teams out there looking for a regular player? I’m 34. 35 in Febraury. Just looking for a regular game. Bone of my mates wanna start a team so i’ll make some new mates. Preferably at goals as i only live up road from it and preferably wednesday or thursday evenings. My number is 07534 227 579. Cheers
  3. Yeah, i'm back with sheffield development now. Which team are you?
  4. Male. I'm not sure the rules on females playing the league but to my knowledge it's a mens league.
  5. Me and a mate are looking to get players for our futsal team we are starting. Season starts mid october. Games are on a monday evening just off eccy road. We are particularly looking for a goalie. If interested contact me on 07534227579. If you aren't sure what futsal is there are thousands of videos on youtube. Absolutely great game to play. In my opinion will also improve your football as well. Get in touch.
  6. I'm not a keeper buy o wouldn't mond playing outfield. My number if interested is 07534227579
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a return to football after many years out. I want to play in the Saturday morning league next season. I'm a left footed player. 33 years old. Can play all across the midfield and left back. I'm slightly unfit at the moment but plan to be in peak condition come the start of the season. I have always been a half decent player. No world beater but will hold my own against most. I work 1 in 3 so can play 2 of 3 Saturdays. I've got two kids so sometimes that takes president. I've been open and honest from the start. If I sound like what you are looking for it's 07534227579 or email darrylthomas1984@gmail.com
  8. The house skatepark i know do lessons for complete beginners. My friends brother goes there.
  9. I actually would like to get qualified but right now in my life it's not an option but in the future it is definitely in my plans ---------- Post added 07-09-2016 at 11:13 ---------- I agree fully mate. ---------- Post added 07-09-2016 at 11:15 ---------- I'm 32 mate. It's just something i've noticed over the years. I'm not just talking junior level. Thing is people write adults off as not being able or willing to learn but that isn't always the case.
  10. Here's a question for everyone to try and give me an answer to. This is in no way meant to be a dig at anyone. Just an observation from my many years of amatuer football. Why does it seem everytime i go to train with a team we do pointless exercises like shuttles between cones and many variations in this kind of thing? I get the idea is that it is to improve fitness but doing it once a week i doubt you will see any improvement come sunday morning if the players spent rest of week doing nothing else on there own time. I just recently started playing futsal and it opened my eyes. We always do a little game like tag as a warm up then every exercise is with the ball and i love it. It makes training a joy to go to and too be honest you always come of the court drenched in sweat because you work hard without even realising. Maybe primitive training methods could explain the decline in the amatuer game. Is there any teams out there that do specifically concentrate on ball work? Because that hour in the week is where you get the chance to work on shape and how you set up and if you get a consistent turn out of players that enjoy it the better it would be. What does everyone think?
  11. I won't let her play in a team. Reason being that i think kids need to develop the ability to get comfortable on the ball before you put them in a game situation. You can't learn that by being coached when to pass. They need to play free with no restrictions at that age then when they get a bit older play small sided games. For me kids shouldn't play full sided games until at least 16 but thats a different story. Lets agree to disagree. I don't really wanna get into a full blown argument but i just think 5 and 6 is to young to start structuring how someone plays. Lets agree to disagree. ---------- Post added 02-07-2016 at 08:01 ---------- The below link might explain better what i was trying to say the other day. https://justletthemplayfootball.wordpress.com/its-no-la-boca/
  12. I have a two year old and she won't be playing that young. How is it good for the development of these kids to get them in a team so young? You are doing more harm than good. I've seen these games. Used to live near a pitch that had young kids playing and all you heard was parents screaming. How the kids supposed to enjoy kicking ball around if it's team based? I realise my opinion has just shattered your world but kids playing in teams that young is wrong.
  13. I don't normally get on my high horse on here but U6's team? Seriously? They don't need to be in a team getting coached at that age. Just let them play. The mentality needs to change in this country. It's all about the result as soon as we can kick a ball. Why else would you join a team? Give them a ball and let them just have fun with it instead of parents shouting from the sidelines.
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