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  1. My partner and I are moving to Kuala Lumpur in August and we want to learn as much Bahasa Malaysia as we can before we leave, so we're looking for a tutor to see us once a week for a lesson. We'd prefer someone with teaching experience, and we can have the lesson at our house or meet at a place convenient to the tutor. Going rate paid, or I can help with English/proof-reading of academic work in return if preferred. Please contact me via private message if you can help. Thank you!
  2. Thanks everyone! It does sound like the higher quote was massively overpriced.
  3. My previous thread with this question was deleted by the mods because they said it was advertising a job. I am NOT advertising a job or looking for companies to give me quotes, I'm looking for advice and comments to help me make a decision about hiring an electrician, so please don't delete this! Basically, I have some electrical work that needs doing (to fit new plug sockets, new consumer unit and 6 new ceiling spotlights). I've had quotes from 2 electricians, both Part P registered, and one was more than twice the price of the other so I'm a bit confused. I don't want to be ripped off, but I don't want to hire someone really cheap and have them do a rubbish job either! I've been told it's usually around £300 to have a new consumer unit fitted...can anyone tell me what they've paid for having new plug sockets fitted or for having ceiling spotlights replaced, to give me an idea which quote is realistic? I've arranged to get quotes from a couple of other electricians, but I'd appreciate advice from anyone who's had similar work done. If you commented on my previous post, I saw all of the replies up to about 4pm so no need to reply again :-)
  4. I hope they leave some of the sleazier male customers behind at the old venue ;-)
  5. I looked at having a similar thing done in my house a couple of years ago, but it was going to involve so much structural work and expense that it just wasn't worth it. It all depends how much money you have and how keen you are to do it, but for me the amount of extra space didn't justify the expense and amount of work. There was a door between the kitchen & dining room and I ended up having the door and doorframe removed, which gave the impression of more space, and then I had worktops and cupboards fitted along one side of the kitchen and matching ones fitted along the same side of the dining room. Because I had a floor to ceiling unit put in on either side of the dividing wall, at first glance it just looks like it's one continuous room. Much cheaper and easier than knocking the wall down, and I was pleased with the end result!
  6. [Mod note Advertising is not permitted in this section. For quotes, and job requests, please place your ad in the appropriate section, in Classifieds, under "Jobs". thank you
  7. This is the group who meet in Cafe Rouge - they also do things like going to see French films, there's a book group, and so on. Well worth joining, even if you only make it to the occasional event. Don't be nervous that your French won't be good enough - there are all sorts of levels, and everyone understands what it's like learning a foreign language and trying to improve! https://www.facebook.com/groups/96564810734/?fref=ts
  8. Travelodge do some good deals sometimes, although you'd probably struggle to get on in the centre of Leeds for a low price. Might still work out cheaper than getting a taxi back though.
  9. Has anyone noticed that the original post was in September? I'd guess the OP is probably sorted out by now!
  10. I'm a massive foodie and I love eating out in different types of restaurants, but if I'm eating in a pub then I tend to want what I think of as proper pub food, not ponced about gastropub-style tartlets or pasta dishes that taste like microwave meals. I'd be quite happy with veggie sausages & mash, Yorkshire puddings with veggie sausages, some kind of veggie roast with all the potatoes & veg, and so on. One of the pubs in Castleton used to do a brilliant selection of this sort of stuff, but last time we went they'd completely changed the menu and gone for the aforementioned poncy gastropub nonsense. If I want Thai/Italian/Spanish/Indian food then I'll go to a restaurant where they specialise in that type of food, not a pub that does a half-hearted version of it...I must secretly be a bit of a traditionalist, but I think that pubs should stick to what they've always done best! Incidentally, what do the Cricket Inn say is veggie that isn't? I've been there quite a few times and never found this to be a problem.
  11. My boyfriend bought a Power Monkey last year for when we go camping, and it's been great for charging up phones. There are different types available, some of them act like a portable battery that you charge up via a mains socket before you set off and then use it to charge phones etc, others are charged via solar power so you just leave it on your car dashboard or clipped to the side of your tent all day, and it fills up with power that you can use to charge phones. I'd definitely second the suggestion of getting a car charger though, if you'll be using your car a fair bit. I've got one that I use quite often, but it's only any good if you're going to be in the car for a while.
  12. Avoid Chez Lahlou like the plague, the service is dire and the food was appalling when we went. Bistrot Pierre was pretty decent, particularly for a chain restaurant. Never tried Cafe Ceres but I've heard good things about it.
  13. I'm doing up a fair bit of my house soon and will be needing new kitchen appliances (cooker, washing machine & dishwasher), new sofas and laminate flooring for the whole of the downstairs. I know the big national companies like Currys, DFS, Wickes etc and I've looked at their websites, but I'd prefer to use local firms if I can and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest any local suppliers that are better value than the big companies. I've never done anything like this before and I don't have time to trail round all the shops in Sheffield to see where the best deals are, so if anyone can recommend anywhere it'd be really helpful.
  14. I've noticed that HiQ garage on Leppings Lane has got a different name & different signs etc - just wondering if anyone knows whether it's the same people just with a different name, or if it's changed hands. I've taken my car there a few times in the past and I need a bit of work doing on it now, but I just wanted to check whether or not it's actually the same people working there. Does anyone know?
  15. Even though I love Italian food, I very rarely go to Italian restaurants unless I fancy a good pizza, because I'm vegetarian so the options are generally pizza or pasta and however good a pasta dish is, it's never really any better than something I could make myself at home in about 10 minutes so it just doesn't feel like anything special! Re Taxman's comment about supporting local businesses - the thing is, there are hundreds of fantastic restaurants in Sheffield for us to support, so why would we choose to support one that's not very good when there are so many really good ones? Some restaurants really need to make a bit more effort, it baffles me how some of them manage to stay in business.
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