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  1. Theres an article in the star about gunshots. It wont let me on the link for long enough to see the times it happened or where abouts. Maybe someone who has a subscription to them can help you out
  2. I got a message saying O2 were carrying out essential maintenance in S6. This was a few days ago, scheduled for a certain date, but I deleted the message considering it wasn't relevant to me. I'm not in s6 but this could be the reason?
  3. I would have thought they would have told me if I wasnt allowed, also nothing on the 'receipt' to say otherwise. I say receipt like this because it was a piece of paper with my name on and the item I bought. Its unusual to not be allowed to return something in my history of buying things. I'll learn not to buy him stuff in future 😂 10 years ish together and still not learnt!
  4. So.. I went to crystal peaks today and bought my other half a phone (now for sale in the classifieds). He decided he didn't want the phone and I rang carphone warehouse to see if it was possible to get a refund. The box is still sealed (their security seals), but their t&c state I can't return it! I don't understand why if I've paid for something, I'm not allowed to return it, in the exact state I purchased it in. Apparently, it's only the sim only phones this applies to which I think is ridiculous. I'm now stuck with a phone I don't need, I can't return and I'm not going to get the money back for. Does anyone know why they do this?
  5. An old friend of mine met some men this way, and spoke to them for a long time. When she refused them what they wanted, she never heard from them again. It scares me 10+ years on to think what could have happened. They met near the bridge to the bus station in meadowhall. I met them twice unknowingly when I went to meadowhall with her. The thought makes me gag 🤮
  6. My partners nan will be disappointed. She loved their bags and purses 😂
  7. You may be better ringing the travel line or stagecoach supertram. Some of the car parks close at certain times I think, so wouldn't want to advise you of one thing, when your car could be locked in. 01142759888 that's the number for the tram line at nunnery square. It opens at 7am tomorrow I think
  8. That's awful. I'm very sorry this has happened to you do you mind me asking which area of Sheffield you're in? If you're close to me, I wouldn't mind going round to feed your animals free of charge. I'd be happy for you to come to my house to meet me and my family before hand, so you know where I live. Ive grown up around animals, had had reptiles as a younger kid. I'm in s12 if this is any good for you.
  9. I'm sure it wasnt an otter, it came right up the garden so he got some good shots of it. There are otters too, but never known them to venture up into the garden. If I can find a way for him to upload the video from apple to android, I'll share it here.
  10. Mum and dad have had minks on their garden. My dad has a video of it. They live at wharncliffe side and the river is at the bottom of their garden.
  11. I recommend Andy at bake me a cake Sheffield. Have a look on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/bakemeacakesheffield/?locale2=en_GB
  12. It's in the star, just says it's not terrorism related but they cant release further details as yet.
  13. I saw a fairly young (no older than 20) lad take his baseball cap off when a Hearst drove past.. brought tears to my eyes to see the respect he had. Very sorry for your loss op x
  14. They've done the Tesco on infirmary road too. There's an article in the star.
  15. I've seen someone be fined for dropping their finished cig on the floor outside greggs in town but that was about a year ago!
  16. I did mine with the Sheffield Steelers (all those years ago) and I know my work have been asked to take kids on for work experience. I think it's just a matter of writing to and ringing around places.
  17. My daughter has it now for the second time in 2 weeks! My next door neighbours kids who go to the same nursery as my daughter have it, and my partner has it. Feel so sorry for her. Wash your hands and use sanitizer or something!
  18. You might be better paying and going private. The amount of councilling I had when I was in my young teens was unreal, and I can say after about 5 or 6 different people, none of them helped. I ended up taking a CBT course a few years ago to try and help my self, because at 26 it still affects me. What I will say is that your relatives daughter won't feel comfortable or be helped if she doesn't feel comfortable with the person she will be speaking and opening up to, so be patient if the first few don't work out.
  19. JTF sell big rolls of it in different sizes. I've recently bought some from there.
  20. It wasn't the fact of being scared of snakes pass, it was the fact that I hadn't been down in daylight, so was wary about going down it at night. I ended up going this way after there were too many diversions and road closed anyway. I do understand why people don't like it, there's some right morons about.
  21. There's a bit of difference in carrying a knife while camping in the middle of the peak district or whatever to carrying a knife at a public public place such as town or centertainment. There should be absolutely no reason what so ever to carry a knife unless you're camping or taking part in a sport such as fishing. Even then, as started should be flip knives and under 3 inches.
  22. No, I'm saying that 2 out of the 3 routes I was told about were closed meaning I had to use the other. Only said to use Google as they have traffic and road closure updates. I used manchester instead of east Midlands obviously, but just trying to help OP. ---------- Post added 20-09-2018 at 16:53 ---------- And yes, I am from sheffield.
  23. I drove to Manchester airport last night and quite a few of the roads were closed. If you type in on Google, sheffield to east midlands airport, it shows what roads are closed, or at least it did for me, and the fastest route.
  24. I've been past quite a few times and there were builders outside, so maybe they are refurbing now the fire has ruined it? Saying that, I don't know if it actually got the shop as the fire looked like it was upstairs.
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