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  1. The only way to get rid of politics is to take the blinkers off and stop following a dying establishment People should research Resource Based Economy, The Zeitgeist Movement and watch videos like The Keiser Report, Breaking The Set and subscribe to channels on YouTube like London Real, Press TV, Democracy Now and recent Russel Brand videos over the years!
  2. I wish Parliament was knocked down period to the finest powder ash, a burnt cinder !!!
  3. Even if there is a NO vote next week, we have at least seen the depravity to which politicians have stooped !!!
  4. 6 TIMES, I SHOT HIM 6 TIMES !!!
  5. That's Dr Loomis to you bucko
  6. I wonder what the Scotch whisky industry think of all this, the whisky trade is probably Scotland's biggest export ???
  7. I see David Cameron is getting riled up now, efffing this and efffing that Perhaps he is now fighting for his job with the results going to the wire !!!
  8. Noticed John Prescott was up there today hammering the Labour drum Maybe he was searching for left over haggis or deep fried Mars Bars
  9. We have Team Scotland v Team Westminster Who is going to win, there is only one way to find out... FIGHT !!!
  10. Who is up for a Braveheart re-enactment if Scotland votes YES ???
  11. If you can pay the extra £100 for 64 GB then the 16 GB model is a false economy !!!
  12. Scotland is been an equal drain on England than anything else so a YES vote could be a positive move for England.
  13. Sending Gordon Brown up was a potentially dumb move It may be a stroke of genius or a monumental mistake It's hilarious that all 3 UK leaders have cancelled Q & A to campaign in Scotland tomorrow, I sense major squeaky bums now!
  14. I'm Scottish and I vote "YES", we should self-govern ... 6.43% I'm Scottish and I vote "NO", we should stay in the UK ... 5.00% I'm English, Welsh or Irish, and I vote "YES", let them go ... 56.43% I'm English, Welsh or Irish, and I vote "NO", keep them in ... 32.14% If only this result will happen next week, please let it be a big fat YES YES YES !!!
  15. Have seen there is a new Chinese buffet opened on West Street just down from dole I would like to know what it's called if they have a website and if anyone has been to it?
  16. Underwhelming positivity
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