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  1. This will not do we have not spent a penny today .🤣
  2. No thanks it is my club and even i can not be bothered for a owls supporter to have read them is very sad .Must say why do you not chill abit mate .Smile Football is not all that important you know .You must enjoy life mate it passes you by so quickly .Have you read the job application for your clubs managers job?Go on chill out it is just a bit of fun they call it banter surely owls fans can see the funny side of it. Yes we have got to the promised land like you not really fussed about it but the cash is so handy which makes life a lot easier .Never known so much spending .We are throwing it about like confetti we must have won the postal lottery.🤣Look i have given you a happy face to get you in a happy mood.
  3. First class mate can not stop laughing brilliant .top of the class .
  4. I did not realize the Blades were in the mire that much .Where have they found 24million from that they have just payed out this week?Plus alot more to come.😕
  5. I think you have the answer right under your noses.Give the lad the job.
  6. He seems to be a one off when going for signings .You are right some of them have been baffling none more so than McGoldrick not good enough for struggling Ipswich who kick him out but voted player of the year when Wilder got him on a free and brought him to the lane.Remember us fans scratching our heads at that one to but he scored 16 goals for us in the league.I do not have a clue what Wilder has that transform these no hopers and I do not want to know thankyou very much🤣🤣
  7. Well I am still scratching my head with this one but knowing Wilder he could make him good'un.
  8. Money money everywhere 🤣How many players are we allowed in mid field ?🤣
  9. It is a good job then that the Blades are successful and got promotion with a 170 million pound prize fund with add on's.🤣By the way I thought I was on a Blades thread sorry about that I did not realise it was about Brucie the guy that was going to bring you success and all the riches of the Prem.
  10. I thought they were charging us already it is called the council tax.So now they are charging us twice .I think I SHALL START FLY TIPPING .Being charged twice for one service in my mind is legalised robbery.
  11. Just read some reaction from Bournemonth fans and they can not understand why we have paid 10 mill for him they are more than pleased he is going for that money but we know Wilder he see things in players others don't.So we must trust him after all he has done ok up to now .
  12. I would agree with that but i feel the owls have come out of this winning by him walking out before he could do a lot of damage and get 4 mill for him.After all I think he has done the owls a favour.
  13. My intentions were not to consider Atkinson but to liken him to Brucie .Both alike in my view.
  14. Can not understand this one for Mousset but I am more than happy leaving it to Wilder he knows best have 100% faith in him.As you say Maupay or McBernie as for as i am concerned any one of them would suit but can we out muscle the other clubs?We really do need one of them. As for Osborn there again it seems a strange one but once again Wilder knows better than us.
  15. The problem is the really good managers have a job the have beens and second hand car salesmen like Brucie and Atkinson are a waste of time.I feel sorry for the Magpie fans who are furious about Brucie .Brucie looks after himself first and always has done.When he cocks that up he will walk straight into another job with out any problem because he is a name .He has no loyalty to who pays his wages if another job comes along that he fancies he will be off again and he will get it.Don't know why he is a lousy manager .Clubs should look at the substance of a guy rather than the name. He could not have picked a worse time just before the season starts and the transfer market is in full flow .What a guy.That type are all the same .How many clubs has he had?He has only been managing a short while in comparison to other so called top managers I do feel he thought the Owls were beneath him and used them as a stopgap until a bigger job came along but I have a feeling he could have slipped up.If he fails to hit the ground running the fans up there will really get on his back .They do not want him now so a few bad results will really stir the pot.
  16. Have just heard the blades have agreed a fee for the Bournemouth striker Mousset .He's a dark horse that Wilder where as that come from?
  17. Morrison sounds like he is a special talent but has issues just hope he has grown up if he has we have got an ace but if he starts acting up like missing training like he has been known to he will be a bad influence .Having said that he is a Wilder type of player being cast aside and something to prove to many .He has a great manager and has a great chance to shine just hope he understands what a opportunity he has been given and he can start afresh.If he fails I can not see him getting another chance anywhere.
  18. I think you can not go wrong by asking fans of clubs these guys have managed .Go on the fans chat lines and they tell you what they think and how the managers fared at their clubs .If Owls fans had taken the time to ask Villa fans about Brucie they would have known exactly what they were getting they hated him and could not wait to see the back of him. I did similar when it was rumoured Wilder was about to arrive at the Lane and asked at Northhampton and Oxford fans and knew we had found a gem .All the fans wanted him back and gave him glowing reports about his style of play and that he was a winner and how lucky we are to have him.Having said that I think I am right in saying it started off badly with a string of defeats but you knew somehow he would pull it round.
  19. thats the only thing that worries me .
  20. Well if it is in the Sun you should not be worried about it.
  21. That would be brill Brucie would at least be able to watch the ashes test matches.If you look at it in a positive way you lot have come out of this very nicely.You have got rid of the most useless git on the payroll and got 4 million for him .I call that a very good result.
  22. Sir Alex thinks Wilder has the know how to handle him.If he turns out to be able to behave him self he could be the signing of the season if he can not behave then we have lost nothing on a 12 month contract.The last guy who was given a 12 month contract ended up being voted player of the season.
  23. I would like the next signing to be Brentfords main scout .The times that club unearth gems is awesome he must earn the club millions every year.Worth his weight in gold.
  24. I do not know about you padders but i could not care a toss who it is as long as it is not Wilder.Not that he would take it of course.
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