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  1. I thought he scored twice actually . along with Fleck and Duffy if I recall was the guy that stopped all that silly bouncing.
  2. Well I think you have more experience than Blades fans perhaps you are more qualified to answer your own question. He was ok at Hillsborough .
  3. Well thats true it is very rare I read yours because just like those dolls they are usually full of gas so I don't bother.
  4. What would you know about the prem league the answer is nothing.According to your post before we have not spent anything remember?As for celebrating defeats we have had a good tutor YOU.How many games has Rhodes played for you in the Prem?He can not get in a poor Championship team so a comparison can not be given.We have gone from strength to strength in three years and moved forward quicker than any other club in the land to such a extent that you have even kept away from our post untill that is when there is a opportunity to be negative and low and behold you pop up again like a puppet out of a blow up doll on only FOOLS and horses.
  5. We have to remember where we were 3 years ago .It really says a lot when we feel down because we lost 1.0. to the best team in Europe .A lot of Prem teams will get battered by Liverpool this year but I bet it we will NOT be one of them.Well done guys we played really well.Another day and we would have stopped their great run.
  6. Oh hello I thought you had emigrated .Did they score any goals apart from the one that won the game?If they did I missed it.A poor mans Fletcher😂?
  7. Cheer up mate can only think of a couple of clubs out of whole the english football scene who could have played them any better than us .It took a howler from a otherwise good goalie to see the European Champions come away with the points.They were lucky and without that mistake from Henderson who has been brill all season we would have shared the points.It is our finishing that at the moment is letting us down.Come back Billy we need you.
  8. We played brilliantly and the Liverpool manager even admits they got out of jail having said that this is three games on the trot at home where we were the better team and we have not got a point.That is a worry I can forgive Henderson because he has been great all season but there is a mistake in him from time to time.What is more of a concern is our finishing once again without Sharp we struggle putting the ball away.If we had taken half our chances the goal keepers mistake would not have been so expensive.Against Southampton we had 17 chances and lost same today we had 4 or 5 good chances we had them on the rack at times .Come January we need a goal scorer another Billy but that is easier said than done our performances are first class but our poor finishing could be costly.
  9. I just hope Liverpool do not get one of those penalties that they got last time they were here at the Lane.When the ref gave them one because the defender THOUGHT about fouling Gerrard losing us two points which could have kept us up .Then Man UTD fielded a bunch of kids against West Ham who had that guy called Treves what ever his name was who should not have been playing and who scored the winner at Old Trafford that kept them up and people wonder why I do not like the Prem.
  10. You are right nothing to lose just go for it
  11. I agree it will be really tough and I would be happy with a point. They are the best along with Man City in Europe and when you look at the Spanish and Italian sides that are on the continent that say's it all.Just hope we put in a decent performance like I know we can and come away with some pride I know we can if we play our A game.
  12. Well they will get hammered then according to you.Can not see Wilder allowing them to use those tricks.There is a difference between cheating and playing dirty or using tactics to bottle up their attackers like we did on Saturday at Everton.I am a realist and know we can not match them they are possibly along with Man City the best teams in Europe on the other hand we have only just been promoted plus the financial positions of the clubs are miles and miles apart Wilders plan work a treat on Saturday but Liverpool are much more of a problem I will be happy in fact very happy with a point but I know to get that point we will get it by hard graft and football tactics NOT resorting to dirty tricks.
  13. What do you expect they have just come out of the prem .Wilder calls it the dark art of football.As I have said many times they will be full of actors divers and cheats con men typical prem tactics.
  14. Well it is the money that makes it that way i suppose.Turning out in front of 5 or 6 thousand when they are used to 30 thou must dent their enthusiasm .It should not be that way when they are on the money they draw every week .The actual cup as you say is not of great interest to them you can tell that by the squads they pick for such games.It is only in the final games of the cup when they take it seriously knowing of the doors it opens to yet more money. It is a shame I suppose because smaller clubs rely on the games to generate well needed cash .It is a life line to small clubs and if they draw a prem team creates great interest amongst their fans and can mean a big difference to the finances of the clubs.Cup days were always special in years gone by but it has lost that magic ,another example of the big boys spoiling this once special competition.Not to long back Man Utd asked to be excused from the cup they had bigger fish and more money to grab yet another example of cheapening the cup.
  15. Can't say I am all that bothered this cup seems to have lost it's magic do not know why perhaps if they named it the league cup it might rekindle my interest .Have forgot what they call it now it seems to change so much.
  16. Love your honesty Mr Wilder telling it how it is .Have you ever thought about going into politics?😀
  17. What has Wilder done to Mousset he looks tremoundos I along with lots more fans including Bournemouth fans thought Wilder was mad paying 10mill for him some on the south coast saying they will drive him up to South Yorkshire them selves to make sure he signs.Well it looks like Wilder has done it again picking up a diamond that no one wanted .Just how he finds them is a mystery he must sprinkle magic dust on them .He has only scored 4 goals in 63 matches for the south coast side but has 2 (i am giving him the Chelsea goal)for the blades playing about 45 mins and looks so dangerous and so quick.I will never question Wilders decisions again but I would like someone to explain how he managers it when other managers would not touch some of his signings with a barge pole.
  18. Well we got so much slagging from the experts at the start of the season most teams in the prem think we are there for the taking and they get a shock.I do not mind being a under dog and our presence in the top flight being ridiculed it helps us because nearly all the players that Wilder signs have a chip on their shoulders and have a point to make.The more they slag us off the better it winds our players up.I am a realist and know there will be some bad results now and again because the prem is such a unlevel beast regarding finance but we will hold our own I am sure.
  19. Well they are ex prem that's what happens when playing premier league clubs .Full of divers and actors and the refs fall for it every match.
  20. My thoughts exactly Padders.How can that be as you say 17 chances last week and lose 1.0. two chances this week away to Everton and win 2.0.We played ten times better last week and got now't.Today we did a job on Everton we soaked up the pressure like blotting paper but they never really threatened our goal.Henderson did not have a lot to do and Egan and Basham were brill today they really shackled their strikers and to think Bash was playing in the third tier not long ago .Wilder said it was possibly our worst performance of the season and look what happened.Who said it's a funny old game?
  21. They do not get any easier in this league but we are due some luck .The last match against Southampton was a strange sort of match we played really well apart from our finishing which was really poor and without our Captain being available the choices up front for this match is limited.I am sure if he was not banned Sharp would have got a shirt.We do have Robinson back after injury which is good to know we really missed him last week so that is a plus for us.Out of all the new signings he seems to have been the best one.Always looks a threat and I feel with him in the side we would have seen the saints off .So I feel we could get a point at Everton it will be good playing away this week after all goings on at the Lane.Lets just hope we get some good luck instead of some bad luck which we have had over the last couple of matches we are due some the team have played well and got now't.
  22. We can't you are right but as a old git you do not tend to believe much that politicians and football club owners say.He told MaCabe how wealthy he was and when the crunch came he had now't .Now he tells us of all his plans for the club but I still remain unconvinced .I really hope I am wrong I don't mind being wrong if it all turns out right but I have heard so much bull---- in my life I tend to doubt greeks bearing gifts or in this case Arabs.
  23. I do hope you are right .I am a big believer in if it ain't broke don't fix it .Do not like change when things have been going so well .Wilder is bound to be having deep thoughts about his position .The Blades have tried their best to make him uncomfortable over the last year or so.We are really good at shooting our selves in the foot.Other clubs must be watching the situation just hope all the jobs are taken.Keep with it Chris you are idolised at the Lane more than you could ever be anywhere else ,it is YOUR home.
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