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  1. Hi Keith did a great job,no issues at all no problems recommending him at all.Fair price too.
  2. No it's not them mate,starts with G,got a date of 21st to come back again for another attempt of curing it.On a separate note do you fit sinks a d worktops ?.
  3. The firm that fitted have been back at least 8 times to our main bedroom window and the problem still exists.The right hand side of the frame is out of level top to bottom,they tried to correct it by removing the centre fixing from the brickwork forcing/packing the centre of the frame out,and putting a new fixing further over.Now the gap is at the top corner when the window is closed rather than the centre.He obviously did not check his work,the top hinge has only one screw that is doing anything,window wobbles all over when opened.The overlap on the closed hinge side to the seal is around 4mm so it's not touching the frame seal rubber.This is causing a real hard draught and a buzzing/reverberating noise.I would like someone in the game to come access it and write a report into the problems and how to rectify them.This will be submitted with thier permission to the company.Sorry it's a bit long.
  4. Hi Anyone have an boiler installation done by the above,or know anyone that has.Looking for an install of a new Vaillant 831 plus combi boiler,to upstairs hot water tank cupboard,and to replace 8 radiators and TRVs and replace gas fire with electric one after removal of old back boiler etc.Have had a decent quote from the above.Just looking for feedback/reviews on them.Thanks.
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