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  1. I have had flu twice, and my thoughts are at first you feel like you are dying, then after a couple of weeks you wish you were !
  2. Hi We have tried both Left it on wifi for a while transferred to wired and still no scanner I can't remember exactly but it was just a small repair i think
  3. Hi Wallace we have done all that, apart from throwing it through the window I don't know what else to do
  4. Hi After a bit of advice please. We have a HP Scanner/copier/printer. All worked well until we had to have our computer repaired. Now the computer doesn't recognise the scanner. The copier and printer work fine. We were thinking of getting a new scanner (just a scanner) but wondered if the computer wouldn't recognise it with there being one already on it, albeit it doesnt work I would be mot obliged on some help Thank you
  5. I am not saying the council should have bought the land I was being facetious, but our local councillor seems to have enough time to interfere
  6. If this is true why did the council allow the land to be sold to a private developer, They should have stepped in and informed the legal team of the prospective buyers of this and bought the land themselves for "community garden" If it was a legal binding amendment then it should have shown up an any searches that were done.
  7. This has never been a community garden It has always been private land. The fact that people wanted to plant flowers on it doesn't make it theirs and that was their choice even tho they knew it was private land. I have lived at that end of Crookes for over 40 years and I have never seen anyone use it, apart from it being a dog toilet. If people want green space the Bole Hills are two minutes away. I'm sure playing on there and having picnics if far better than on some land that has buses and cars passing with fumes all day and night.
  8. Try I post They are based at Templeborough Rotherham I have used them a few times and haven't had any problems
  9. I was told it is the lights from Sheffield Wednesday ground Apparently they leave them on to heat the pitch
  10. There are some on the side of Carracks as well Made to look like windows and doors I personally think they are very clever.
  11. I was out walking the other night and passed Revell Grange at Stannington and was quite interested to read its story. The Revell family moved there in 1742, but previously lived at Nethergate Hall in Stannington. I can't find any reference to Nethergate Hall anywhere and wondered if anyone knew anything about it, or where it actually was. Thanks
  12. Why does it state that the 52 goes to Doncaster Its the Crookes - Woodhouse bus
  13. My daughter was on the council list for 15 years before she got offered a one bedroomed flat So good luck with that I think if you want a council property it best to put your name down when you are young and at least you are racking up the years.
  14. If this carries on the word "man" will be obliterated from our vocabulary, unless of course it has "wo" in front of it.
  15. I think what he meant was it would have been better if the road was closed due to high winds, not that the lady was killed due to high winds.
  16. I agree that we have to use less plastic, but 90% of the time we the consumer have no choice. Take prescription medicines, once upon a time the pharmacist dispensed them into little brown glass bottles and we returned them when we got our next prescription. Now we get them all in cardboard boxes with reams of paper and the actual pills in plastic. So thats just one way we have no choice.
  17. I was sitting on a bench at the top of Stannington on Saturday evening, and I saw this as well I presume it was a meteorite as it came over from east to west and disappeared over the valley at Loxley, presumably burnt out.
  18. Some people work hard all their lives, pay into pension pots, pay NI contributions, then die just after retirement, and then all their hard earned cash goes to the government. My Dad paid what was called super annuation for all his working life and when he died my Mum didn't get any of it.
  19. Take out Gap insurance then if you have an accident, the gap insurance pays off the remaining finance.
  20. This also is my bugbear, all the student houses and accommodation around us don't pay council tax, yet get all the same services. The landlords rake in enough money from said students, and therefore should pay their fare share of council tax, in my opinion. What about all those student flats they are building in Sheffield, do none of those pay council tax?
  21. Oh good, at least they are still working Thanks ---------- Post added 29-12-2017 at 15:50 ---------- There are signs up now round Crookes saying there will be road closures for resurfacing from 8th January, for 12 weeks, so fingers crossed we will eventually get our road done so no more broken springs and flat tyers
  22. I know there are a lot of threads about Amey and the roads, but I just want to know if Amey are resurfacing roads anywhere at the moment. Our road was scheduled or 2015, then 2017 but nothing has happened, would appreciate if any one knows.. I have tried their web site, but it is still saying 2017. Thanks
  23. I too have lived here for over 40 years, and my children went to Westways, and I have never heard them mentioned before, never had a memorial service on Armistice day, and Western Road pavements are a nightmare to walk on.
  24. Well I wouldn't build a big posh house there on junction of two very busy roads, but each to their own.
  25. No not a house, massive steel structure, could possibly be an office block, but it is a bit overwhelming where it is.
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