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  1. Went on the first tram train today, got a free cupcake and the ride to rotherham was nice and smooth. Didn’t get off (turned round and went to IKEA for brekkie) but the natives the other end looked friendly enough so may one day but happy with shops here in Sheffield. Shame about the crash
  2. Looked at the Tram Train flyer and couldn’t see it mentioned - can I use my £50 a month tram ticket on this new service or do I need to pay extra ?
  3. Duck duck goose - I’m 46 and loved it, great animation and was laughing more than the kids that were there
  4. They had it right many years ago, no cars and loads of small trams. No annoying misinformation displays as you can see the tram coming https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/video-is-this-the-oldest-ever-footage-of-sheffield-city-centre-1-8872653
  5. My annual paper tram ticket expires mid November. Had a look on supertram site and I can’t see annual option now just recurring monthly payment on the new fangled card is that right ? Are there any discount codes or other ways to get it cheaper than £48 a month ? I got my annual ticket during the 21% off during 21 year celebrations or whatever and seems kind of expensive these days !
  6. Sometime when the display goes on old tram the coloured square seems like a rainbow. Got me thinking could they have striped route indicator ? Will train drivers get confused.com ?
  7. wolf of wall street - really good, some scenes where whole audience laughing like crazy, only a couple of scenes I'd have edited out (joanna lumley flirting and the very last bit of the film) to make it a 10
  8. Devils Due - a film so bad I wanted to leave but had to stay in case it got better. It didn't. One poor girl/woman sat behind me had hysterical luaghter at one point as the film was so bad, and said "oh god i've wet my knickers !" to whoever she was with. An awful film but an awesome cinema experience
  9. Good article here about his house, girlfriend he has left back home, and taking the cleaning job: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2533497/Washing-cars-Biggleswade-Romanian-welcomed-UK-New-Years-Day-Keith-Vaz-Meanwhile-fianc-es-left-chopping-wood-Transylvania.html
  10. I'm going to make my own sandwiches rather than buy from greggs/wilko, should save a few bob. Hope to lose weight too what with no mayo in them.
  11. They should put a video screen on the roof displaying all the flags on continuous loop with equal time for each then they can't whinge
  12. Santa got me an 85mm lens http://www.flashcamera.co.uk/canon-ef-85mm-f-1-2l-ii-usm-autofocus-lens/?fullSite=1 Off to the shuttleworth collection Engineering weekend on Saturday to try it out, can't wait http://www.shuttleworth.org/index.asp What did you get ?
  13. I have the 52 week tram only ticket, bit of paper that's laminated, will I get one of these new fangled scannable tickets sometime ? Got mine via work's season ticket loan scheme, save a few quid by buying it on tesco credit card and getting clubcard points
  14. I know its a trial but what is in rotherham that's worth visiting ? Or will it just be people from Rotherham visiting Sheffield ?
  15. I didn't know what the symbols meant until someone mentioned it to me, why can't they just say up and down, much easier...
  16. Their weekly email is just as bad, I gave up and now use google listings, much better http://www.google.co.uk/movies?hl=en&near=Sheffield,+UK&dq=Cineworld+-+Sheffield&tid=37445ecfe2d3f52c&sa=X&ei=Ee47UonjHsPs0gWNzYHgDA&ved=0CDUQwwM
  17. Flu 10/10 fab film and worlds cutest kid in it
  18. Last Vegas 10/10 (9 for the film plus extra 1 for atmosphere in cinema as I am in vegas on my holibobs ) Gravity 7/10 sandra got annoying when talking to someone on radio
  19. Supertram site says they will, their communication doesn't get any better does it ? Full tram service in operation on all routes from Monday 4th November SUPERTRAM services are due to return to normal from Monday 4 November following essential rail replacement work. The first phase of this £32 million scheme, which began in July, has seen almost 5,000 metres of rail replaced and contractor VolkerRail has now completed the final section of work. As a result, a full Supertram service will be restored from Monday**. To mark the return to normal service, Supertram is launching a special promotion, offering a discount on a Tram & Bus Weekly Megarider which will be available to buy – either on tram or on a Stagecoach bus – for £11.50 instead of the usual price of £13.50 between 11 November and 8 December 2013. In addition, from Monday 11 November, Stagecoach is launching a £1 single tram ticket for students travelling after 8pm, and will continue to offer its Child Megarider ticket which – at a cost of £7 offers seven days’ tram travel for the price of five. The rail replacement work was a complex project and its progress was closely linked to weather conditions as the new rail could not be laid in wet or very cold conditions. This caused a delay to the original work schedule ** Tram replacement bus services will continue to operate on Monday 4 November to minimise passenger disruption.
  20. Conductor just told us that they will still be running buses monday in case people dont realise the works are over and go to try to catch bus that isnt running. Smells off that explanation ! No word on the blue tram shutdown though
  21. Just to let you know its free (usually £13.99) until 3 November, check out the video on this page it's like witchcraft ! http://www.dxo.com/intl/news/dxo-perspective-mac-os-x-dxo-labs-puts-all-power-its-geometrical Link at bottom of the page takes you to the app store
  22. I've got ipad 3 and want to get the new ipad air cellular 32gb, weight reduction looks fab. Should I get it here on November 1st if so where, meadowhell or somewhere else, or whilst on my hols in Vegas 06 - 20 Nov ? Will it work here OK if I buy in Vegas and will it be much cheaper ?
  23. Just been on supertram site and saw this, wonder what happened to be cancelling so early beforehand ? Cancelled - Rail Replacement Works - Fri 25/10/2013 - Sun 27/10/2013. The additional rail replacement works due to take place at the weekend have been postponed.
  24. This site is fab, got those pics and some other stuff, didnt know the greetings they had recorded, I think the one asking if the aliens had eaten yet may be a mistake though http://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/spacecraft/greetings.html
  25. They seem to be getting on with it, much less of them standing around although just seen this on tram website which wont help with schedule: Due to expected adverse weather conditions the planned works for this weekend (12th & 13th October) in the Shalesmoor area is cancelled. Trams will operate as normal on the Yellow Route. On the Blue Route buses will continue to replace trams between Castle Square and Spring Lane.
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