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  1. I had a very heavy motorised chair taken upstairs, I now would like to get it back down, it would be a very difficult and heavy job requiring two experienced men to do this. Anyone have any ideas.
  2. Just wondered how they would be in treating a 5 year old who's wheel chair bound.
  3. Any one had exsperiance of wood view hydrotherapy pool handsworth
  4. Anybody any idea how much it costs to unblock the external kitchen drain.
  5. Thank you for your sarcastic comment, no I'm not Jamaican.
  6. But if I was to be foolish enough to let another use my Blue Badge and they were caught doing so, I would lose the it.
  7. Nick Clegg has spent 4 years propping up the government, now when they appear to be preposing some thing sensible, "The automatic prison sentence for the SECOND offence of knife possession" he is vetoing it. Is he right?
  8. I'm a 75 year old man and bothered by spiders, I think the reason for this is my attendance to nursery school during ww2. The teaching of nursery rhymes, demonising things to 3 and 4 year olds has a lot to answer for. I can remember being scared then, it's never left me.
  9. Leeds Council have re designated spare bedrooms as non specific rooms, so as to save having to cut housing bennifits for their council house tenants. Haven't heard anything from Sheffield council regarding this why not. It is after all a disgusting and iniquitous act isn't it?
  10. No it is not enforceable as some has already said it an invoice, the only enforceable parking tickets are issued by the council or the police. However you really should not park in disable parking spaces it doesn't matter what the excuse is. I'm disabled and it bothers me very much.
  11. I was an apprentice at G E C though it was Metro Vickers when I started in 1953. Went to India for them in 1965 returning in 1967. Became rate fixer/ process engineer fabrication, Core, Brush Gear and E detail until the place closed in 1984.
  12. My family lived at 18 from 1926 untill 1958, we exchanged with a family called Britchers for a house in Handsworth. I can remember the Midgleys at 9, Smiths at 11, Mastermans at 13 Timpsons at 15 Cravens at 15 and maidens at 17. Botham at 7 was a rogue he spent some time in clink during the 40is.
  13. I remember going there, I would have been around 9 or 10, I'm now 74. I can remember the mask for the gas the "dentist" a woman and has I remember she had a speech impediment, she had a bad stutter, I was completely traumatised. so much so that since then I all ways have the needle at the dentist and epidural anaesthetic when having operations.
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