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  1. What a bloody farse & mess have been made with the buses. Get rid of FIRST.
  2. Hi I am just enjoying reading all these messages on here, glad I've found it I remember Delia Horner & the others anybody remember me Linda Thompson. Does any body know what happened to David Carr. I used to live across road from him when at school on North Hill Road.
  3. Why do workmen not ring back when they give a time they say they will,and off checkatrade too where reviews say they are reliable. Tut.
  4. They don't even cut the hedge's anymore at the back of us . We cut our side which is private. The other side cookson close s5 is about 6foot higher than our side. It used to be done every year not anymore. DISGUSTING.
  5. Been to Hillsborough today. a lovely place to have a coffee &lunch. The Java lounge. New owners since I last went new kind of modern seating has been put in too. Looks really nice & very relaxing with views up Langset Road. Will definitely go again,lots of offers too for the kids. . VERY NICE.
  6. Its now 2&1/2 days still no landline. Definitely leaving them end of July. Not in any contract as we have been with them 16yrs. Its just getting worse by the day & too expensive now. Going to free view tv & utillity warehouse for rest.
  7. Well arnt you the lucky one. We still have no landline,tv has been breaking up for the last two weeks,just waiting for broadband to go off now. Its cost £10 ringing on mobile cause there is so much messing about before you get through to anybody. I was told £1.50 off my bill. Cheeky Gets.
  8. They told me landline would be sorted between 1 & 2 pm today it wasnt then 6 pm stillnot sorted. 10.35 pm still got no landline. Yes its a nightmare. Two people my partner works with have left them & us soon to leave no wonder they are shutting places down.
  9. How crap is VIRGIN MEDIA. Had no landline now for 24hours. I have rang them 3 times to be told there is a fault in the area which is S5 & it will be resolved in a few hours. Still no joy. I need this landline as my as my mother ln law suffers from Alzheimers & this is the only number she knows. Told operator at virgin but are they interested NO. As I have loads of paper work to print off from the computer I would tell them to come & take it all out. I will do at the end of July as it is <removed>
  10. Its an absolute farse i waited 45 mins for a 97 from hillsborough interchange to southey green monday tea time. There was a bus in with no lights on then the driver came put sorry not in service and went leaving a big queue at the stop. I got that fed up of waiting i rang my husband that had just come home from work to pick me up in our car. The drivers are so rude on the buses also they should be thankful they have a job. We dont all like our jobs but a job is a job and we should be thankful.
  11. Can anybody recommend a builder to replace a damaged concrete window lintel please.
  12. Anyone know a good plasterer that can patch up a hole in ceiling about 2ft x 2ft.please.
  13. Is there a reputable garage that can remove a car lodgeson from steering wheel please and the cost.
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