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  1. There is no absolute right to free speech. I said this on page one of the thread. I don't defend it on *my* terms. I call out idiocy when it gets spewed across the internet and I can be bothered to challenge it. Your arguments are idiotic.
  2. Did anyone else have trouble following my post? I thought it was pretty clear that being okay with causing offence to people you've never met because you've never met them and they're not your mother was nonsense. Perhaps I should have just said stupid?
  3. Gosh, that IS simple. And there was me going to give you the benefit of the doubt and everything. And lo and behold, it was an argument based on nonsense and full of nonsense and fully nonsensical, in the pursuit of being able to make people (only non-blood relatives though! So it's FINE!) get upset. So admirable. Such wow.
  4. If it's unimportant, why would you be gutted if you upset someone at work? Pick a stance and stick with it, otherwise poking you with the logic stick becomes even less fun.
  5. Maybe cool it with the blanket statements about how the correct response to offense is 'so effing what' then? Just a thought.
  6. So hard to have the BELIEFS that are so strong they cause all the OFFENDING. (violins in background)
  7. colloquially it's known as 'self-obsessed Dawkins fanboy syndrome'* *It isn't, but it probably should be.
  8. Do feel free to challenge and criticise me for it, if you can find a definition of sociopathic that doesn't include a very overt lack of interest in hurting other people.
  9. One of the most significant - just going out on a limb here - being to challenge people who are offensive within the bounds of the law.
  10. But maybe it should be important when someone challenges you? Just a thought.
  11. You don't have a right to free speech. You have a right to break the law by speaking illegal stuff if you so choose. Is different. Look it up.
  12. Well, you can be prosecuted for saying things that are illegal. So technically you can say them, but you don't have a right to say them without consequences. For the stuff that isn't illegal but is offensive, you might just get criticisised instead of prosecuted.
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