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  1. Thanks for the replies. I agree ...if there was an exam in 1962 and 1964 - it seems odd if there wasn't in 1963. Perhaps I just don't remember taking it or maybe I did but on that 'away day' to Ecclesfield Junior and Infants - not the grammar as mentioned before. Thanks again
  2. My recollection as a pupil of St Pats, Sheffield Lane Top is that I did not take the 11+ exam in 1963 but instead went to Ecclesfield Grammar School for a day on what now seems like an extended IQ test. I managed to tick the boxes as I was accepted to Notre Dame in Sheffield. In a recent discussion with friends from those Notre Dame days it seems they did take the 11+ exam but they were from the Birley side of Sheffield. I wonder was I just in a different Education Authority that was trying a new approach - to move away from a formal exam...... or is my memory playing tricks. Can anyone help?
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