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  1. After watching several clips online, and reported increase in burglaries in Yorkshire, (particularly bad in West Yorkshire) using both snap\bump, I decide to install them. I've replaced both external doors with anti snap\bump locks. They are not cheap especially if you require spare keys cut. But the simple way the standard door locks can be defeated, its worth it for the piece of mind. Do a search in Google for "anti snap and bump locks", the first link Handlestore, it gives details of what they are, how to replace the standard locks and how to measure up if you decide to purchase some. There are other sites online which show you how to do it. They were easy to measure up and replace, they only issue I find is its sometimes a bit fiddly putting the key in to the lock as the ones I purchased have a straight edge on the end of the key, compared to standard keys.
  2. Just tried the website, and its look like it no longer available It was a new song called After You.
  3. Yes, absolutely brilliant. Did you download the track from the website? Bit disappointed, hoped it might have been a video of a track/s from the gig.
  4. Hi, Did you get to see Pulp at Sheffield Arena before Christmas?
  5. I wouldn't touch Talk Talk with a barge poll, although no longer rated worst ISP according to ofcom for complaints, that falls to Orange I had the mis-fortune of having to deal with its previous incarnation of Tiscali quite a bit. Like most ISP's they are okay whilst there's no problem with your line/service. When there are issues it can be an absolute nightmare to resolve.
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