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  1. hi , im an amateur reggae/ska guitarist really interested in a bassist and drummer to get together and have a jam winbox me for more info thankyou
  2. hi, i have a really good understanding about pcs, and near enough everything to do with them really,other than, i dont know too much about psu's and their power, i have a fx 8350 8 core cpu, with a corsair watercooled cpu fan, 12gb of ddr3 1600mhz corsair vengeance, an asus hd 7870 2gb pci express graphics card etc, but my psu, is a 5 year old delta electronics psu 750 w, and in call of duty ghosts, i get really dramatic fps drops on some maps even on medium settings my pc should be able to handle that pretty fine, but thats the only game that it really happens with, now im wondering, if my psu is too old and not upto handling my card
  3. @clown shoes, 15 seconds isnt exactly enough time to get a photo or video, and chrisoftley that vid is bizzare...
  4. who knows what it was, and haha chelle, that sounds just like my boyfriend lmao x
  5. Thanks for your comments guys, it grabbed my attention because it was so bright, and moving so fast, it was about the same size as raisin (not a raisin) at first before it quickly shrank and vanished, when i think about it , it was probably the sun reflecting off of whatever it was as it was gorgeous this morning, it was definately not a meteorite or sattelite 100 percent, it covered some distance within seconds, it was going much faster than any plane you see in the sky
  6. ive just said garden ha.. ---------- Post added 24-03-2014 at 12:49 ---------- mr roebuck, b and q shovels around a tenner
  7. really sorry for your loss, why cant you bury her in the garden, thats what we do with all our pets,
  8. oh and do you mean "laid"? ---------- Post added 24-03-2014 at 12:43 ---------- @ le maq are you that dumb to realise that this day in age, we have windows..
  9. it was more than likely now i think about it one of your brain cells, and as for bright lights, i never mentioned bright lights, i said it looked bright, it could have been the sun reflecting on whatever it was, anyway what i saw wasnt something ive ever seen before, and to me it was strange,
  10. Was laid on the bed trying to get my son to sleep and staring at the sky around 9.50 this morning, when all of a sudden, my eyes attracted me to something round shaped and extremely bright moving at an incredible speed, it was gone within 15 seconds, there were planes in the air in the distance and it was moving faster than any of those, my eyes couldnt keep up with the speed of it and it dissapeared into the distance...
  11. there must have been 15-20 police cars and a couple riot vans and helicopter with 2s and blues on at about 4.20pm.
  12. does anyone know why all police and helicopter hovering over london road sheffield today?
  13. thankyou obelix mate... ---------- Post added 10-06-2013 at 14:26 ---------- thankyou ghozer mate
  14. cheers stevoider, will have a go, , i might just sell my pc, and get another one, anyone interested, specs are, amd 9750 x4 quad cpu, 4 gig of ddr2 1066 patriot gaming ram, water cooled cpu, it has a amd radeon hd 7770 2gb ghz editon graphics card, the card was 130 quid, and a 1tb sata hard drive open to offers
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