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  1. Last night's cask offerings in The Millhouses were Doom Bar and Moonshine. Four cask lines but nothing on the other two. Had a "craft selection" which consisted of cans of Pistonhead lager. Besides that is was Moretti, Estrella, Amstel, Guinness, Hop House lager and John Smiths i think.
  2. Rod Picott's back at The Greystones a week tomorrow and there's a whole weekend of the good stuff including The Payroll Union, Fargo Railroad Co., Neil McSweeney, Ash Gray and more: https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=11284665#post11284665
  3. Over the weekend of February 5th, 6th and 7th, WagonWheel Presents… brings our first mini-festival to The Greystones, Sheffield. After celebrating our 250th show at the end of 2015, we’re kicking off our 10th year with five great shows in three days. We’ve a line up featuring the usual mix of local, UK and international talent that you’d come to expect from a WagonWheel show. Friday night sees us joined by a fine triple bill of bands in The Payroll Union, The Fargo Railroad Co. and The Sopranistas. The Payroll Union are a Sheffield based Americana band with an obsession for American history. The Fargo Railroad Co. have gone from strength to strength since forming in 2013 and have steadily built a reputation as one of Sheffield’s hottest live acts. The Sopranistas are a South London based Alt-Country band led by singer-songwriter Gregory S. Rees. Saturday afternoon will be a slightly more mellow affair in the company of Neil McSweeney. His acoustic guitar playing style combines folk, blues and country influences but it is his voice, likened by The Guardian to a male Tracy Chapman, and his direct and personal lyrics for which he is most recognised. Kicking off Saturday’s proceedings will be Ash Gray. Born in the US to parents form Yorkshire, Gray first began to make inroads into the UK music scene when he assembled the Anglo-American ‘punk-grass’ band, the High-Class Family Butchers during a late-90s sojourn in London. Currently residing in the UK after releasing his latest album Once I Got Burned, today he plays a solo set. We’ll be turning the volume up on Saturday night for evening of 100% Sheffield rock ‘n’ roll with Roaming Son. Easing us into the night will be solo sets from William Barstow and Richard Kitson. Roaming Son draw influences from the sounds of the earliest raucous rock ‘n’ roll bands of the 50’s, but add a distinct sound that is refreshingly modern. Richard Kitson is a renowned folk & Blues artist and dazzling guitarist. William Barstow has recorded and played live throughout the country with former bands The Dead Delta and The Ruby Jacks, compling a selection of bluesy folk songs that didn’t fit into the framework of a hardened rock band. Sunday afternoon sees an all acoustic offering with three wonderful solo artists. Quiet Loner sings songs about love and fear, life and death, despair and hope. On a live stage he is an understated yet powerful performer delivering a show that is emotional, political, occasionally angry but nearly always gentle and human. Boss Caine are a folk/Americana collective from York, England centred around the songs of front man and ‘Yorkshire Cowboy’ – Daniel Lucas (aka GT Turbo), a man described as ‘having a voice that makes Louis Armstrong sound kinda girly’. E.R. Thorpe was born into music – her mother taught her to finger-pick; Her father Kevin was well respected on the blues scene for his albums with Out Of The Blue; And her aunt managed Welsh psychedelic legends Man. Despite this heritage Thorpe has shaped her own evocative sound. Our weekender draws to a close on the Sunday night when US singer/songwriter Rod Picott returns to Sheffield with his brand new album Fortune. It was 2001’s Tiger Tom Dixon’s Blues — a debut album that bridged the gap between between folk and Americana — that officially introduced him as a singer/songwriter, kick starting one of the more acclaimed careers in modern-day roots music. With latest effort Fortune, he shines a light on himself, strips bare what he found rattling around in his heart and invites the listener to follow a deeper and more intimate journey. Opening the show will be Mat Wale. Whether working with Alt. Country behemoths ‘The Rackets’ (2006-2013 on and off), Grunge/Electro/ Folk duo ‘Arrogant Whale’ (2006-2010), Country Rock outfit ‘Big Convoy’ (2011-Present) or performing solo, Mat is untouched by his peers in terms of sheer volume of work and intends to release a new single every month in 2016. Doors for all evening shows open at 8pm and shows finish by 11pm. Doors for afternoon shows open at 3.15pm and shows finish by 6pm. Advance tickets prices are: Friday night £6 Saturday afternoon £6 Saturday evening £6 Sunday afternoon £5 Sunday evening £10 Saturday day ticket (2 shows) £10 Sunday day ticket (2 shows) £14 Weekend ticket (all 5 shows) £15 Weekend tickets, day tickets, and tickets for each individual show are available from: http://www.wegottickets.com/f/9440 Tickets for each individual show are also available from the venue between 12 & 6pm daily. All prices will be more on the door. Full previews for each show are available at the links below: Friday night : https://wagonwheelmedia.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/the-payroll-union-the-fargo-railroad-co-the-sopranistas-the-greystones-friday-february-5th/ Saturday afternoon : https://wagonwheelmedia.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/neil-mcsweeney-the-greystones-saturday-february-6th-afternoon-show/ Saturday night : https://wagonwheelmedia.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/roaming-son-richard-kitson-william-barstow-the-greystones-saturday-february-6th/ Sunday afternoon : https://wagonwheelmedia.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/quiet-loner-boss-caine-e-r-thorpe-the-greystones-sunday-february-7th-afternoon-show/ Sunday night : https://wagonwheelmedia.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/rod-picott-the-greystones-sunday-february-7th-mat-wale/ Latest news always on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/WagonWheelPresents and at http://www.wagonwheelpresents.co.uk
  4. /irony I did edit the typo in the title but for some reason the corrected version isn't displaying
  5. Stage times and final running order can be found here: https://wagonwheelmedia.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/wagonwheel-presents-tramlines-shakespeares-sunday-july-26th/ Show starts 3pm. Free entry, no wristband required.
  6. This is what's happening on Sunday at Shakespeares (i know it's been posted earlier in the thread but these are the correct stage times). Full details can be found here: https://wagonwheelmedia.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/wagonwheel-presents-tramlines-shakespeares-sunday-july-26th/ All free entry, no wristband required. ***NEIL McSWEENEY*** : 10.15pm Bard’s Bar http://neilmcsweeney.com/ ***PETE DAVID (The Payroll Union)*** 9.30pm Stable Yard http://www.thepayrollunion.com/ ***ASH GRAY & COUCH FIRE*** 8.55pm Bard’s Bar http://www.facebook.com/ashgraymusic ***ROBERT CHANEY*** 8.25pm Stable Yard http://www.robertchaney.net/ ***MAT WALE & FRIENDS*** 7.50pm Bard’s Bar http://www.matwale.com/ ***PETE GOW (Case Hardin)*** 7.20pm Stable Yard http://www.casehardin.com/ ***WALTON HESSE*** 6.45pm Bard’s Bar http://waltonhesse.bandcamp.com/ ***RICHARD KITSON*** 6.15pm Stable Yard http://www.richardkitson.co.uk/ ***JOE SOLO*** 5.40pm Bard’s Bar http://www.joesolo.co.uk/ ***E.R. THORPE*** 5.10pm Stable Yard http://www.facebook.com/pages/ER-Thorpe/425132927666959 ***ANYTOWN*** 4.35pm Bard’s Bar http://www.facebook.com/AnytownMusic ***WILLIAM BARSTOW*** 4.05pm Stable Yard http://www.facebook.com/WilliamBarstowOfficial ***THE JANSKYS*** 3.30pm Bard’s Bar http://www.sawayakasheffield.org.uk/ ***BLUE ROOSTER*** 3pm Stable Yard http://www.facebook.com/noisyrooster
  7. On Sunday July 26th, WagonWheel Presents… once again brings another great day of live music to Tramlines festival at Shakespeares. The show starts at 3pm and there’ll be performances from Neil McSweeney, Ash Gray & Couch Fire, Mat Wale & Friends, Walton Hesse, Anytown, The Janskys, Joe Solo, Pete David (The Payroll Union), Robert Chaney, Pete Gow (Case Hardin), E.R. Thorpe, William Barstow, Richard Kitson and Blue Rooster across the Bard’s Bar and Stable Yard stages. Entry is free! No wristband required. ***NEIL McSWEENEY*** Neil McSweeney is a songwriter and musician based in Sheffield. His acoustic guitar playing style combines folk, blues and country influences but it is his voice, likened by The Guardian to a male Tracy Chapman, and his direct and personal lyrics for which he is most recognised. http://neilmcsweeney.com ***ASH GRAY & COUCH FIRE*** Born in the US to parents form Yorkshire, Gray first began to make inroads into the UK music scene when he assembled the Anglo-American ‘punk-grass’ band, the High-Class Family Butchers during a late-90s sojourn in London. Currently residing in the UK after releasing his latest album Once I Got Burned, tonight the Texas songwriter plays with his band Couch Fire. http://www.facebook.com/ashgraymusic ***MAT WALE & FRIENDS*** The latest project from the prolific Mat Wale. Taking a stripped back approach from his work with Big Convoy and The Rackets, expect a more lo-fi country sound including fiddle and banjo. http://www.matwale.com ***WALTON HESSE*** Manchester’s Walton Hesse are a six-piece based around the ideas and DIY ethics of songwriter Matt Grayson, the band pull on influences from Steve Malkmus to Steve Reich. The result is a blend of country-tinged guitar pop and experimental noise; a nod to the likes of Beechwood Sparks or Ghost is Born-era Wilco. http://waltonhesse.bandcamp.com ***ANYTOWN*** Anytown feature members of Sheffield’s premier folk-rockers, Dead Like Harry, a band who have built a big reputation in recent years for their innate showmanship and rousing tunes. Exploring a more acoustic based folk sound, today sees Matt & Robin playing a duo set. http://www.facebook.com/AnytownMusic ***THE JANSKYS*** The Janskys began in 2007 and released debut LP When Silence Speaks as a full band. Drawing from influences such as Wilco, REM and Grandaddy; the songs feature sweeping guitar hooks and beautifully crafted harmonies. For the last year or so the band have been performing as a guitar duo. http://www.sawayakasheffield.org.uk/ ***JOE SOLO*** Joe Solo’s musical odyssey began in 1987 fronting a bash-em-out band at school, and has seen him play in seven countries either as lynchpin of pop-punk upstarts Lithium Joe, or hammering out his unique brand of folk, punk and blues in his own right. Live, Solo has a growing reputation as both a performer and raconteur, being thought-provoking, comical and punch-the-air political often in the same breath. He is not an artist you forget in a hurry. http://www.joesolo.co.uk ***PETE DAVID (The Payroll Union)*** The Payroll Union are a four-piece Americana band with an obsession for American history. Inspired by country, rock ‘n’ roll and southern gothic, they formed in 2009. They recently released their second album Paris Of America. Tonight front man Pete David plays a solo set. http://www.thepayrollunion.com ***ROBERT CHANEY*** Robert Chaney is an American performing artist, heir to the songwriting tradition of Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, and Judee Sill. Cracked Picture Frames is his debut album released earlier this year to great acclaim. http://www.robertchaney.net ***PETE GOW (Case Hardin)*** Case Hardin is all about the story and the telling of that story. Gow’s writing carries the weight of critical praise (‘aching lyrical genius’, ‘one of our foremost storytelling songwriters’) and today he plays a solo show ahead of the highly anticipated release of the fourth album later this year from one of the UK’s finest Americana acts. http://www.casehardin.com ***E.R. THORPE*** Having called time on The Listeners, E.R. Thorpe embarks on a fully solo career. Expect dark alternative folk tales. Revealing and fragile songs, executed spare and sharp. http://www.facebook.com/pages/ER-Thorpe/425132927666959 ***WILLIAM BARSTOW*** William Barstow has recorded and played live throughout the country with former bands The Dead Delta and The Ruby Jacks. Throughout this period he complied a selection of bluesy folk songs that didn’t fit into the framework of a hardened rock band but require a more intimate and spacious setting. http://www.facebook.com/WilliamBarstowOfficial ***RICHARD KITSON*** From a young age Sheffield born Richard Kitson immersed himself in the music that he loved; relentlessly emulating the sounds he heard on records from Bob Dylan to Big Bill Broonzy. Adopting a finger-picking style he unlocked a world of new potential in his personal playing; but also released a new depth of songwriting that has become a primary focus. Self taught by listening to the greats and with a deep sense of the tradition and craft of blues and folk, Richard is a musician’s musician – it all comes from the soul. http://www.richardkitson.co.uk ***BLUE ROOSTER*** Sheffield’s Blue Rooster offer a blend of original blues, country and rockabilly. A sometime duo, tonight main man Tom performs a solo set. http://www.facebook.com/noisyrooster Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/513427275471025
  8. On Wednesday July 15th, WagonWheel Presents… welcomes back the favourite son of Wanamaker, Indiana, USA to Sheffield. Otis Gibbs brings his latest record Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth to The Greystones for the first time. Many are calling it his best yet. Support comes from Adrian Bates. Advance tickets priced at £9 available from the venue (12-6pm) and at http://www.wegottickets.com/event/312202. Entry on the night will be £11. Doors open 7.30pm for an 8pm start. ***OTIS GIBBS*** While writing the songs on this record, I found myself thinking an awful lot about my father and how he encouraged me to do everything I could to pursue a creative life. He rode a Harley Davidson chopper, sang along to Jerry Lee Lewis records and took absolutely no **** from anyone. The only job he ever enjoyed was driving a tow truck, but he couldn’t support the family on just 85 cents an hour. He was convinced he’d finally hit the jackpot when he got a job throwing 100 pound bags of starch into boxcars for $1.85 an hour. 30 years later he retired with a worn out back, a bad shoulder and a cheap certificate in a cardboard frame. He once told me they were his, “Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth.” One thing I inherited from my father was his low tolerance for bull**** and let’s face it, the arts world is full of it. With that in mind, one morning I scribbled a thought onto the cover of my notebook that served as a reminder while working on these songs. “There are only two people in art who matter. There’s the creative individual and the person experiencing it, everything else is an artificial filter.” If I have one core artistic belief, that would probably be it. That principle and a whole lot of scratching, clawing and sacrifice has earned me a loyal cult following throughout Europe and in parts of the USA, but don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of me. I like to joke around the house that I’ve done everything I can to remain obscure without realizing it. While my parents worked during the day, it fell upon some strange individuals to babysit me. One of these people was my uncle. He wasn’t the best choice to babysit a 4 year old because he’d just got out of prison. He wasn’t even really my uncle, he and my aunt were just shacking up. Living in sin. Renting with the option to buy. He got bored watching me so he took me to a neighborhood bar that had an upright piano in the corner. He’d sit me on top of that piano and I’d sing Hank Williams and Jimmy Rodgers songs while he accompanied me. The drunks thought I was a cute kid, so they gave me tip money and I’d sing their requests. My uncle would then take that money and get drunk on it. That’s when I first learned how the music industry actually works. One of the benefits of being a touring musician is I often find myself dropped into unexpected situations. These moments sometimes make their way into my songwriting. Experiences like crossing the Carpathian Mountains in Romania in a snowstorm and picking up a nine year old hitchhiker named “Cozmina.” She told me her family’s tragic story as I gave her a ride over the top of the mountain. I recently visited the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. There’s a saying that every American knows someone whose name is on that wall, but as I stood there, I couldn’t think of anyone. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. As a kid in Wanamaker, Indiana, we had an aging boxer living in the house next door who had just lost his son in Vietnam. My Father did everything he could to be supportive, so we stopped by every day to visit. At the time, I was just a kid and didn’t understand any of it. After finding my neighbor’s son’s name on the wall, I found myself standing there silently grieving beside strangers and remembering his Father (and mine). These newfound memories of my father and our pugilist friend stuck with me and eventually lead to “Ghosts Of Our Fathers.” I’ve planted 7,176 trees in my lifetime. These were all large trees and were planted without the benefit of heavy machinery. Just shovels, spades and strong backs. It was my day job for about ten years and I loved it, but my body started to break down towards the end. Luckily, I started touring more in the UK and Europe which allowed me to play music full time. I quit that job about 8 years ago and haven’t had a day job since. “No Rust On My Spade” is a song that looks back to those days when I prided myself in being a Nurseryman. “It Was A Train” and “The Darker Side Of Me” are loosely based on stories told to me by hobo friends around Midwestern campfires. My father was a hunter. At a very young age I followed him into the forests of Indiana in search of deer, rabbit and squirrel. I struggled for years to find a way to tell him that I loved being alone in the woods with him more than anything, but the idea of killing animals for “sport” repulsed me. “With A Gun In My Hand” tells the story that I was unable to tell as a kid. I’m happy to report that as he aged he lost all interest in hunting. This made him love the outdoors even more. I host a show called Thanks For Giving A Damn. It features your favorite musicians telling road stories, tall tales and vague recollections. There’s no music, just talk. It’s available as a podcast and there’s a new episode posted to iTunes every Wednesday. I love hearing road stories, so I started the show as a way to share these stories directly with the people who enjoy my work. I had modest expectations at first, but was pleasantly surprised when the audience grew much quicker than I ever could have hoped. I’m happily living in East Nashville with my partner, Amy Lashley and a few too many rescued pets (Let me know if you need a cat). Amy and I have been together for over 15 years, but I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. We’re just hanging out. I’m a hell of a lot more like my old man than I’d care to admit. Like him, I work for a living. My job is to make people feel something and that’s what I’ve tried to do with “Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth.” It’s a record that I’m proud of and I believe it’s my finest work to date. Thank you kindly for taking the time to experience it and I hope we might one day meet in person. Thanks for giving a damn, -Otis Gibbs “With a low tolerance for bull**** and a guiding principle of maintaining his artistic integrity no matter what, Gibbs’ songwriting is deeply personal and profound. It’s plain to see Otis Gibbs is a man you should give a damn about. ” Rolling Stone “Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth has been a constant companion on my headphones over the past few weeks.” Billy Bragg “Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth is the breakout record that should elevate him to the next level. There isn’t a bad track on the album and the more you spin it, the more you’ll fall in love with it.” No Depression “It’s been playing round these parts for weeks now, and we’ve yet to tire of a single word or note. It really is an exceptional set of songs.” Penny Black Music.co.uk “Gibbs is a Midwesterner with a long beard, a trucker’s hat and and a bag of sharply observed country-rock songs, some far enough to the left side of the political fence to make him a spiritual descendent of Woody Guthrie and brother of Steve Earle.” The Boston Herald “With a proper growl, a lefty sensibility and a well picked acoustic guitar, Otis Gibbs is the Steve Earle of his generation, albeit without the drug history or the divorces.” Americana-uk.com http://www.otisgibbs.com ***ADRIAN BATES*** Singer/songwriter Adrian Bates hails from South Elmsall. Taking influence from the likes of Neil Young, Ryan Adams and Nick Drake, he’s been appearing regularly at venues across Yorkshire since embarking on a solo career and makes his WagonWheel debut tonight at The Greystones. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adrian-Bates-Music/552690224877548 Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/1062370443778703 ---------- Post added 15-07-2015 at 13:01 ---------- Tonight! Adrian Bates opens the show, on stage 8pm.
  9. On Friday July 10th, WagonWheel Presents… welcomes Roaming Son to The Greystones for a full headline set of “100% Sheffield Rock ‘n’ Roll”. Joining them in The Backroom to open the show will be Boss Caine. Roaming Son will be launching their brand new EP Blood On My Hands. Advance tickets priced at £4 are available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/310400 and the venue (12-6pm) or entry on the night will be £5. Doors open 7.30pm for an 8pm start. ***ROAMING SON*** Roaming Son are a four piece band from Sheffield. They draw influences from the sounds of the earliest raucous rock ‘n’ roll bands of the 50’s, but adding a distinct sound that is refreshingly modern. They have honed their live show supporting bands such as Kat Men, Big Boy Bloater, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, Warner E. Hodges, Jason & The Scorchers to name a few. Expect jungle drums, dirty twangy slapback guitars, greasy bass and vocals that range from heartfelt to lowdown and earthy. In 2013 the band released debut EP ‘History Of Violence’ and were named ‘Best Live Act’ at the Sheffield Scenester awards. They have recently been in the studio recording their second EP which they unleash tonight. “100 % Sheffield Rock’n’Roll” – Sheffield Scenester “One of the best bands around right now” – Toast Magazine http://www.facebook.com/roamingsonuk ***BOSS CAINE*** Boss Caine are a folk/Americana collective from York, England. A tight knit, but evolving, line-up of local musicians centred around the songs of front man and ‘Yorkshire Cowboy’ – Daniel Lucas (aka GT Turbo), a man described as ‘having a voice that makes Louis Armstrong sound kinda girly’. Boss Caine released their debut album: ‘The Ship That Sailed’, on independent label Little Num Num Music, in 2010. The record contains a selection of tunes written by Lucas over the last few years; a time that saw him leave his home town for London, before returning to York and putting together the line-up of local musicians that would become Boss Caine. Years of hard living, hard drinking and love turned sour inform an album that at times visits some quite dark places, but is ultimately carried along by a healthy dose of Northern positivity and stoicism. The album was recorded in the North Yorkshire countryside at ‘The Factory of Unprofessional Sound’ and sees Boss Caine’s core team of Lucas, Andy Gaines and Sam Forrest joined by many of the musicians who have played in the band over the last few years. The follow up The Rhythm And The Rhyme is out now. “Stunning UK talent!!…Really Something!!” – Bob Harris BBC Radio 2 “…Tom Waits singing Ryan Adams if they had both had the good fortune to grow up in Yorkshire….” – The Fly “Boss Caine are the real deal. They will rip your heart out and toss it back to you many songs later doused in whiskey, soul and more emotions than you know how to handle!” – Northern Music “An exceptional debut” – Backroadsmusic.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/bosscaine Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/1424647521172126
  10. This one's tonight. Broken Flowers get things under way at 8.15pm. £4 gets you in.
  11. Canada's award winning Good Lovelies return to The Greystones tonight. Paul McClure opens the show, it starts at 8pm. There will be some tickets available on the door.
  12. This is tonight. Tickets will be available on the door (£10). The Silver Darlings kick things off shortly after 8pm.
  13. On June 27th, WagonWheel Presents… brings another great triple bill to Shakespeares for our regular last Saturday of the month show. We’re joined by two of Sheffield’s finest in The Clench and The Fargo Railroad Co., plus there’s a WagonWheel debut for Leeds band Broken Flowers. Advance tickets priced at £3 are available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/310399 or entry on the night will be £4. Doors open 8pm. ***THE CLENCH*** The Clench deliver whiskey-fuelled, blues-swamp-funk-country rock, to put it in a not very small nutshell. The six piece band caused a bit of a stir on the Sheffield live circuit since unleashing their debut EP ‘Pain Don’t Hurt’ which they since followed up with the acclaimed album ‘Walking In The Devils Tracks’. They aim to make ‘music to ride horses by’ and their sound conjures up images of Western desert landscapes and cowboys. They’ve recently released the double A side single ‘Riding Into Nowhere/Maybe Mexico‘. “A brave and uncompromising smirk at cowboy rock – 8/10” Toast Magazine “A band out of time with no place in polite society – 9/10″ Exposed Magazine “Doesn’t so much buck the trend as fit it with spurs and place JR Ewing’s hat on its head.” Sheffield Star “A truly stunning swoon that’d make any red-blooded listener want to canter off into the distance. It’s sexy, sultry and visually evocative. The band’s Western-drenched material is intoxicatingly evocative.” Sheffield Telegraph “Tight as Wrangler jeans with sounds as big as Tennessee, these boys are ones to watch.” The Culture Vulture http://www.facebook.com/TheClench ***THE FARGO RAILROAD CO.*** The Fargo Railroad Co. have gone from strength to strength since forming in 2013 and have steadily built a reputation as one of Sheffield’s hottest live acts. Drawing on a vast range of musical influences, from old school thrash metal to easy listening, jazz to blues, rock & funk to folk, country and bluegrass, they found common ground in the broad and deep ocean of Southern Rock. They recently released their debut album, live recording Sharing The Load, and have a busy summer of festival appearances ahead. All aboard for a journey into the sound of a Texas dive bar. http://www.facebook.com/FargoRailroadCompany ***BROKEN FLOWERS*** Broken Flowers are an Alt-Country Rock band from Leeds. Ordinarily a 4 piece featuring a mix of guitar, mandolin, banjo, drums and bass, tonight will see a drummer less acoustic set of their original material. http://www.facebook.com/BrokenFlowersBand Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/1565956507011164
  14. On Thursday June 25th, WagonWheel Presents… welcomes Canada’s Good Lovelies back to The Greystones. Good Lovelies are one of Canada’s premiere folk bands, known for their impeccable vocals, toothsome songwriting and on-stage charisma. With high-profile awards and plenty of praise from the international folk music community, the trio is now set to venture beyond the boundaries of old time traditions with a new album, Burn The Plan. A new spirit of adventurousness gives Burn The Plan an extra spark; the album is permeated with textures and tones from musical worlds away. Support for the evening comes from singer/songwriter Paul McClure. Advance tickets priced at £12 are available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/309722 and the venue (12-6pm) or entry on the night will be £14. Doors open 7.30pm for an 8pm start. ***GOOD LOVELIES*** You’ve got a plan. It’s yours to make. It’s yours to break. You can own it, spin it, build it and smash it. You can write it down. You can shake it up. You can change your mind. You can burn the plan. With Burn The Plan, a long-awaited new album, Good Lovelies are both fulfilling and defying their so-called musical destiny as a “folk trio.” What makes this Burn The Plan special is that the band’s considerable strengths – winsome songwriting, impeccable vocals, and triangulated charisma – don’t tell the full story. There’s a new spirit of adventurousness that gives Burn The Plan an extra spark; the album is permeated with textures and tones from musical worlds away. The eye-opening “In The Morning” has a delicate electronic touch that is more Postal Service than McGarrigle. “Waiting For You,” the most radio-ready of the collection, is an up-tempo, shimmering keyboard-laced number that would fit comfortably alongside the soft pop throwback of HAIM. Good Lovelies explore their inner Grimm with “The Doe,” which, like all good fairytales, is one part enchanting and one part chilling. Even the old time underpinnings of “Old Fashioned” and “When the City Settles” have a new polish, confidence and depth. This time around, the trio has spent time developing, expanding and honing their sound as musicians first, and as Good Lovelies second. These new songs were crafted not to ‘fit’ the band’s catalogue per se, but to exercise some autonomy from the confines of genre and tradition. The band is still playing, but not always to type, you might say. Burn The Plan is a study in how individual voices find common ground in such a tight-knit group dynamic. What keeps the three Lovelies making music together is not just their uncanny vocal compatibility; it’s their unshakeable friendships, which supports each member contributing to the songwriting in distinct ways. The story behind Burn The Plan is something of a contradiction – while each Lovely contributed their most personal songs to date, each song is filtered through a unique process of collaboration that characterizes the band’s entire M.O, where the final result is really and truly equal. 2011’s Juno-nominated Let The Rain Fall was the last time the Good Lovelies released a full-length studio album. It may not feel so long ago, since the band’s profile has continued to grow with awards, steady and sold-out touring, and a live album in between, but you can do a whole lotta living, loving and letting go in four years. For Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough and Sue Passmore, four years has been the exact number of hours, moments and experiences needed to take the next step, to burn the plan. “The Good Lovelies are one of the best vocal groups in Canada. If the Andrews Sisters joined the Beach Boys you would get close to their sweet harmonies.” – Stuart McLean, Vinyl Café http://www.goodlovelies.com ***PAUL McCLURE*** Paul McClure is a singer and songwriter from Rutland, England where he lives with his wife and daughters. The passing world is the fodder for Paul’s characters and story lines in particular the loves, laughs and losses that have come his way. Prior to his current release, McClure has recorded 2 solo albums of original songs – ‘No Place Like Home’ in 2003 “fresh, vibrant and bounds with enthusiasm for his craft” 4**** Fatea, and ‘Desire Lines’ in 2008. (The completion of this overlapped with the birth of The Hi And Lo leaving it by and large obsolete.) McClure spent the best part of last four and a half years playing with The Hi And Lo, described as “Superior roots music from Leicester” by Americana UK. The Hi And Lo put out an album in 2010 called ‘Ten Tracks’. Smiling From The Floor Up is out now on Clubhouse Records, with a new album due to follow later this year. “These songs are a perfect showcase for his considerable songwriting talents” R2 Magazine http://www.paulmccluremusic.com Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/599523996851079
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