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  1. Closing Pinstone street and extending the peace gardens will be lovely for the winos,druggies and lecherous young men that congregate there. But it is not so lovely for the people who have to walk further to catch their bus home in the dark after they finish work. Sheffield council need to remember who elected them into their positions.
  2. I would imagine food banks would accept animal food. Surely anyone struggling to feed their family would be very glad of help to feed their pets too.
  3. He really does deserve a star 🌟 outside the town hall. I know this topic has been discussed on here before but surely the powers that be must realise he is a Sheffield LEGEND.
  4. Thank you Parkers for fantastic service over many years. Good luck with your online venture.
  5. Five star 🌟 at Crookes in my opinion the best chippy in Sheffield. If you like proper fishcakes that's the place to go. Very friendly staff.
  6. You have to remember that your goods are second hand and price them accordingly. They may have been expensive when you bought them new but even though you will have kept them in good condition they are still second hand.
  7. You must walk round with your eyes closed. Just visit Fargate or the cathedral area. It's full of these ZOMBIES. I think it is you who lives in your own little world.
  8. The age UK shop at Crooks is closed down at the moment. They are having a refit.
  9. Don't take any notice of the SF police they love to pick the bones out of everyone else's posts.
  10. Hy. Does anyone on forum know if the cash for clothes place at Handsworth is still open?
  11. That's great news. He has probably been on the * razzle* lol.
  12. They can,t agree on anything because they are all feathering their own nests.
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