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  1. They can,t agree on anything because they are all feathering their own nests.
  2. Great post. Here here. 👍👍👍
  3. REUBEN 123

    Willson and Gumpets

    My parents used to call Wilson Gumperts the #dolls hospital #. I remember one Christmas when money must have been tight my favourite doll was taken there. I got it back completely renovated, a crack on head seam fixed and a new curly wig fitted. The doll was as good as new again. Mom made some new clothes for it and that was my Christmas present AGAIN.
  4. Wilkinson fuels used to deliver my smokeless fuel when I had an open fire. Can't praise them enough, very reliable, very friendly and competitive prices.
  5. REUBEN 123

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    Did Mr Majid attend endcliffe park for the fly by?
  6. REUBEN 123

    Prince Edward School, 1940/50/60s

    Violet Brown emigrated to Canada along with her younger brother Ralph. Used to catch up with Ralph on his frequent visits home but I haven't seen him for a few years.
  7. No that is not the issue. The issue is she is a very well paid public servant and she is not serving the voting MAJORITY of the public.!!!
  8. REUBEN 123

    German shepherd

    Has anyone on here lost a German shepherd? There is one wandering around on Arbourthorne Road S2. Sorry I didn't try to catch him because I don't know his temprament.
  9. REUBEN 123

    Grocery shops in the 1950s

    On fairleigh we had Unwins,which later changed to Hunts. Further down the road there was a shop called Maypole and the co-op,not many people used the co-op because it was a bit more expensive. Across the road was a shop called Broughs that was a great shop they had butter and lard in big slabs on the counter. The biscuits were all loose in big square tins at the front of the counter. Health and hygiene was not a big issue in the fifties .
  10. REUBEN 123

    Alloy Wheel refurbishment/repairs

    Any recommendations for alloy wheel refurbishment in Sheffield or nearby. Thank you.
  11. REUBEN 123

    Keep counting up til

    175 and still going.
  12. Hya Andy. Do you know if the 41 Dyke vale Rd service is still running via Eastern Avenue. If not what will be replacing it.?
  13. REUBEN 123

    Legal position in microchips

    This poor pooch needs a good home. If you can give her the love and care she needs go for it. The vet you are meeting at should point out any problems you might come across.

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