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  1. .When I was young, Sheaf Avenue didn't appear on any contemporary maps..... Wonder why it disappeared?. On my wedding day,, the florist drove to Millhouses Park. Similarly with the limo!
  2. Thanks Hillsboro for introducing me to Kelly's directory. It seems to be an invaluable source of info. I'm overwhelmed at the entry you found in the 1939 edition.
  3. Thanks for the map. Amazing how, on paper, sheaf avenue looks much neater and ordered than I remember it being ..almost as if it was planned!
  4. Caroline Sharp was my friend at school. She took the day off to queue to get us two tickets for the Rolling Stones - (Brian Jones was there) at the CIty Hall. It was memorable.
  5. Thanks so much for this hillsbro - I had no idea such detailed info was available for1957 and it has brought back many memories. I recognise all the families on the link except those in nos 4, and 7. During 21 years occupancy -( 30% of my life!), I do not recall any children ever living in 12, `14 or 16 (the second yard off the passage) but in 1957, in nos. 2-10 - our yard, there were 16 children, which I think rather makes up for any shortfall!
  6. PCOLE1 I have come late into this conversation, but I have lots of memories and a few pictures of growing up in Sheaf Avenue. I lived at number 8 for 20 years between 1949 to 1969, and for a year after getting married, I lived at number 3. My mum continued to live at number 8 for some years before the site was sold and all the houses demolished. The only access in and out of Sheaf Avenue was via the alley between 607 and 611 Abbeydale Road. The rear of my dad's dark green 1100 car is caught on the 1966 picture link posted by hillsbro. The factories shown in the picture were in Heeley on the other side of the river wall.
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