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  1. I think it's good that we have a younger lord mayor and I congratulate him on gaining the position of Lord mayor but I do think he should not be targeting other leaders of the world just imagine the gain in money terms for Sheffield if we did ever get a visit from the leader of another country regardless of his personal opinion of trump his priorities whilst in the position of 1st citizen should rotate around what's best for Sheffield also he should really respect the position and dress appropriately especially when we have teenagers in academy's being sent home for not dressing appropriately wearing the wrong shoes or having the wrong hairstyle doesn't set a good example. Imo but I wish him a successful term
  2. Disgusting who elected him and we have councilors to run this city I don't think we even need the guy and to say he's on more than three pm if he was running UK like Sheffield is being run at the minute I'm sure he'd be out of a job. Total change in management at ssc I think
  3. Police Incident on Nodder Road lots of police and road blocked off anyone know what going on kid said something about shots getting let off. Hope not
  4. Charles clifford are good iv never had a problem they have always numbed me up gd and never had any pain after visiting the students are very friendly and its free pluss id take any pain outher than tooth pain imo its the worst pain ever
  5. police incident darnell road attercliff road blocked off what's going on ? Road blocked from chippingham street to attercliff junction fire engines an polic
  6. The incident in the pic was the 1 near wicks where the petrol station is the incident with the bike was futher up the road at the hilfoot junction past the old bingo hall
  7. Looks like the biker ok so it just said on radio sheff thank god most bikers don't win in that sort of incident
  8. There was 2 accidents involving police cars one at hillfoot with the bike an 1 near wicks involving a police car an a pedestrian car I drove past both they was still working on the biker about half 11 both seem like the police came thru red lights I find it unbellieveble on a road like peniston they do this but I see it all the time poor biker looked to be out cold rip
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