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  1. You said after ten games and clearly they haven't weather or not they will in future is guesswork.
  2. Loads mi Owd feel free to ask admin they know exactly not that it's any of your business.
  3. :hihi:Sez him the Wednesday matchthread hide and seek champion.
  4. Top six was the shout in august now it's fourth from bottom . I'll try to tell you again in plain English you are bottom three up to now but not worried because you think things will get better well can't the same be said for United? According to that both teams only need to improve ONE league place.
  5. Yeh but they're in the championship and not worried but Unbeaten United fans should be.
  6. Well it's more than Wednesday have done for your evenings since August.
  7. It is always a poor league that's why it's third tier that's why Leeds,Wednesday and plenty of others struggle to get out of it and it is a league Wednesday have become more accustomed to than United but hey your in the big bad championship now and massive. As for corkers reply again yes it does go a full season not just ten or eleven games but that applies to United as well so in answer to you YES these home draws are worrying but you lot say your NOT worried yet about your own mess.
  8. Seems to have worked. Anyhow I have a grumble after being unbeaten at home for so long why can't we kill games off?
  9. Yes you have about six Wednesday matchthreads.
  10. Yep and up to now its proved to be a step to far for the massive as for corker comment league one is a poor league it was when Wednesday were in it and will always be.
  11. Must have missed something I thought the opening post was about Wednesday.
  12. Better than 7 losses and one draw out of 8 games.
  13. Well a draw is the only think Wednesday have had to praise for the last eight games.
  14. Let's straighten this out two blades academy players represented England tonight, is that correct?
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