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  1. afraid so. golf sounds interesting tho, id like mine to go round corners as well though.
  2. sure if i was writin a scored essay thought id just put it in a language u would understand
  3. nah no particular direction, just hope for clear skys
  4. An amateur group of Islamic film makers have posted a video on YouTube which mocks Christianity and Jesus Christ It is believed to be so offensive that St Peters church in Shrewsbury have postponed their tea and cake morning until next Wednesday, and Dorothy Green from Margate has written in to Points of view
  5. what a retard, whoever started this thread should be made to pay oxygen tax. I think they should seriously have a think about whether the have the brains to be driving a car safely as well
  6. any one eaten from two steps recently? how was it?
  7. Recently acquired 2 mk2 scirocco gtx's, my intention is to make 1 good from the 2. I would like to find out if anybody else on the forum owns a rocco and can give me any advice about restoration. I would also be interested in hearing from anybody who has fitted the 2.0l 16v ABF engine and could pass any tips on to me, as this is what i am looking to do with my car in the near future. last thing if anybody out there has a ABF engine or knows of one for sale, ideally i would like a full car mot failure it was fitted in the mk3 golf gti 16v and a few other vw's of that era. thanks
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