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  1. Can anyone confirm that the electronics box which was installed in houses was called a Telemeter. I recently got one of these at an auction and seem to remember buying one at a surplus shop in Sheffield in the late 60's or very early 70's. I have pictures of the unit if anyones interested and I am keen to know how the setup worked. Thanks Maurice
  2. Thanks Hillsbro. Very useful reply I'd forgotten about Jewellers
  3. Does anyone remember when instead of putting a price on goods (in old £'s) it would be shown as a mixture of letters ig SX/W. I remember my fathers ironmongary using the code up to the mid 1960's but cannot remember what the letters stood for?. Thanks
  4. The late 60's when Sheffield was alive and busy. The shops were great and the Moor was open.
  5. I remember a group of us going there at lunchtime on Fridays in the late 1960's. Seem to remember it was a set menu. Most visits used to have a banana fritter for pud. Very good food and busy
  6. Remember that she had a shop of Sheaf Street (I think) in the late 60's. Quiet a character and the shop was packed with records
  7. Try this site for information on cinemas from Sheffields past: http://www.rocknroll.f9.co.uk/cinemas/cintable.html
  8. Of course Sheffield is only a shadow of its former self in the 60's and 70's. Life has moved on. Steel and the related industries are what made Sheffield and with their collapse Sheffield had to rebuild its self. We are constantly trying to go back to Sheffield of yesterday with such subjects as the Moor,Redgates etc. Unfortunatly we cannot reverse what has happened. I last visited in 1979 and it was pretty much as I remembered it from the late 60's early 70's. How it has changed since is being brought home to me via this forum etc.
  9. Yes afraid it sounds like me, over 6 foot and dark hair. I can certainly remember the fur coat. Believe we used to put things in its pockets for a laugh. Cannot remember who's it was as we rarely went into the circle during the evening but used to lurk in the foyer or at the back of the stalls when not in the box. Have a very vague idea that the cashier at that time was called Pauline/Pamela. I think she was there until about 1968. I think some staff left when it closed for decorating in late 1966 for a month or two and more left at the end of 1967 when it burnt down. It was closed that time for 4 or 5 months. As you say they were Happy days and never dull
  10. Hi Cleegirl I was there during part of the world cup (1966). I can remember Woodhouse, think he had ginger hair and a moustache. As you say it was a long time ago and although I can remember most of the staff, remembering the names is a different matter. Nice to hear from you
  11. The tunnel to the goods yard existed in 1968 as I used to walk my dog in the area. There was however no track and it was blocked at the goods yard end. Note about it here: http://www.burngreavemessenger.org.uk/33aug03/poorjohn.htm Also found a picture from 1979 http://johnlawontherails.fotopic.net/p26853847.html
  12. Yes I can remember going to Violet Mays in Broad Street. That was years ago. Loads of old 78's from the rock n roll days Maurice
  13. Hi Buster Like you most of the names have long gone but I can remember Bud Mawsom (spelling?) who was the manager of the depot. He did not like to wear a jacket and was eventually sacked for not wearing one. The building was an old pub (Greyhound?) and there were 4 or 5 of us who did the fruit machines/pin tables and Barry who did the Juke Boxes in another room. I cannot remember our supervisors name but I think he moved to Rhodesia or South Africa in 1972. Yes I remember the girl collectors as we sometimes went out with them if a lock was jammed or there was a dispute over the meters. The field service guys we knew of course but they spent little time in the office during the day and of course you worked until closing time which we did not. Do you remember in 1970 we suddenly got 3 pay rises within a month but were never told why, we all thought is was to do with the gaming licence MHG had to have to operate the fruit machines?. In 1971 the firm cut back the workshop staff in Sheffield and I was offered the choice by head office (in Leeds) of moving to London or being made redundant. And was given 5 minutes to decide. I ended up in London!. Never to return to live in Sheffield. I stayed with Music Hire until 1975 and then went to work on aircraft electronics.
  14. Have a look on the friends reunited site. The school has a collection of pics that people have added Maurice
  15. Hi There Anyone in the forum work for Music Hire in Gibralter Street around 1969-1971. I was in the workshop until moved to the London workshop in the Summer of 1971. Maurice
  16. Searching for Alan (Sorry last name not known) who worked as a projectionist at Studio 7 Cinema (The Wicker) in the late 1960's. Or any of the staff who worked there between 1967 and 1969. Also Pamela who was the manageress for the Classic Cinema around 1970/71. Maurice
  17. I worked at Studio 7 in the Wicker from 1966 to 1969 when it was owned by the Star Group. I remember a fire which destroyed most of the auditorium in Dec 67??. Prior to the fire the cinema was in need of renovation. The cinema was rebuilt and reopened early in 1968 showing such films as 'The Mikado' and 'La Boheme' as well as the more normal fare. Plus there were a number of 'Northern Premiers' as well with visits from such stars as Linda Hayden. In early 1969 (I believe) late shows were put on on Saturday nights. Mind you I dont remember being paid anymore to stay later. I left in the eary summer of 1969 and reading some of the previous Posts I am glad I left when I did. I also visited a few other cinemas that were owned by Star including 'Pavilion Attercliffe' and The Abbeydale. And helped close a couple down when they were due for conversion to 'Bingo Halls'. But the names have long gone from my memory. Maurice
  18. Reading all these replies. I am beginning to wonder if there is anything left. I lived in Sheffield from 1967 to 1971 and the things remembered were the hub of city life. What is life like today?. Maurice
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