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  1. Do you mean thermostat? Its now at 17 degrees and my boiler has been on since 3pm never gonna get to 20 degrees tonight Been to look at boiler and temp was set at 50 degrees I have adjusted to Max 73 degrees so see if it gets any Warmer thermostat set at 20 degrees still
  2. i have a combi boiler heating question when i got up the room thermostat showed 13 degrees i put it to 15 its taken 3 hours for the room temp to reach 15,the boiler has been on non stop to do this obv 15 degrees isnt that warm in evening and night so im having to put electric fire on to get warm, even the radiators arnt that hot to touch its showing 1.6 bar and 43 degree on boiler?? any ideas would be most welcome thanks in advance
  3. omg not one person? did your EA advertise it on rightmove etc that must be awful for you:(
  4. Hound and house be very careful open days sound like open to criminals to have a nosey at any items worth having,you have no idea whom your inviting into your home:loopy:
  5. Too many off lead on there I was attacked a yr ago by a dog I complained to rv and have never returned Hope you find your dog
  6. iv no idea i think it was a number that proves he pays taxes and doesnt just pocket the cash iv looked at hmrc and they dont do one?? in the old days it was a cis card he had shame they dont issue a card to say you run a business and are registered with hmrc be easy just to show that
  7. my husband when to price a job up a few days ago the customer asked him if he had a hmrc number he said no he is a sole trader and is registered with hmrc (he doesnt earn enough from this part time work to pay tax but declares income) is ther some form of proof he can get to show he is registered and not pocketing a bit on the side? also she asked for id for the business he runs he could make one but seems pointless as anyone could make a badge and pretend they are someone to gain work
  8. we were looking for somewhere to go for a couple of weeks in the year and most weekends and able to take our dog,has to be in uk so thought a chalet would be ideal as the one in the link shows it has an enclosed small lawned area. really am stuck:confused:
  9. I agree it is a lot of cash It is a brick built with flat roof there's 20years left on the lease, The reason I said letting would not be an option is simply only us would use it,we didn't Want strangers in it. I agree the price needs to be lower as yes it will depreciate over years esp As lease date gets closer. So do you think its a lot of money for a chalet? Here's on very similar http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26945244.html?premiumA=true
  10. i think we have to buy the product starting at £99 to £999 we only bought into the mortgage 2 yrs ago with nationwide. since then csa deductions have gone onto hubby wage and we are worried in case it mucks anything up.and house prices have dropped worried incase they re value house less,so we are a little unsure about re starting the whole mortgage application again.
  11. we have seen a chalet we have fallen for however its 18k ono, we can only scrape 6k together we have asked to add it onto the mortgage however to do that we would have to re apply for our mortgage to add it on despite owing 54%ltv. and a personal loan with our bank would only offer us 10k and pay back in 7 yrs the payments are too high. what would you do walk away,wasnt ment to be or offer what we have got or any other ideas?? letting the chalet isnt an option thankyou
  12. and rotherham http://www.parkrun.org.uk/rotherham/
  13. no we ordered a swatch for £3.95 it came 2inchesx2 inches!
  14. its these particular ones i am after looks like they are being fazed out
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