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  1. Walksalot knows what he's talking about. Oversimplification of the issue and mislabelling of distinct issues causes confusion. You're right, some folk who are homeless have complex and interwoven needs which are extremely difficult to unpick. In these cases it would be grossly unfair to label them as making lifestyle choices, or suggest its within their control to exit their current situation. But in answer to your other question, yes, there are some who want to beg to feed a habit.
  2. November and remembrance day is always tinged with a touch of sadness, guess that's to be expected given what we are remembering. Still, it's tough watching less and less veterans at Barkers Pool on Sunday each year. I think I was lucky as a young lad both through family and school I had a good understanding of what wearing a poppy signified, I think some kids today could be forgiven for not being clear given the tripe some self-serving politicians and others spout about it.
  3. Green space like we had in 70s and 80s 😂 Can you remember peace gardens and the egg box compared to now?!
  4. Whilst I wouldn't want police to use CPS as a scapegoat if they didn't have enough evidence to charge, I'm genuinely a believer that you should explain your own decisions not send someone else to do it.
  5. And then also not the CPS who have to go out and explain their decision to victims and families, which I think contributes to the public's sense that the blame all lies at the police's doorstep?
  6. Probably waiting for the PM so he can look like Commandant Lussard off police academy
  7. So if its not based on personal interaction with a police force how have public become disgruntled? I'd suggest one of the following: Quantitative and qualitative research on British policing and crime figures (unlikely in my opinion). Reading sensationalist stories in one of our tabloid newspapers or watching morning TV hosted by the likes of Piers Morgan. Social media and someone posting click bait I'm not for one minute suggesting police are doing a great job, although I think they are working with extremely difficult constraints, I'm just challenging the idea that because someone didn't get the response they wanted in the time they wanted in relation to one particular incident they label all cops useless. Your later post clearly confirms you have a problem with cops and are happy to use a lazy and largely unfounded trope about their fast food habits to have a pop at them. Like I said before they might be recruiting soon. Maybe you fancy a career change and could show them how to do it? And for the record if you read your council tax bill you'll know exactly how much (or little as I'd say is the case) you pay towards policing.
  8. In one post you seem to have beef (be offended by) with several products, musicians, agendas associated with Sheffield. Why shouldn't Sheffield promote a local condiment or encourage healthy living by referencing the city's diverse sporting offer? Maybe we should all juts accept London as the cultural be-all-and-end-all of Britain and count ourselves lucky we can bask in its reflective glory?
  9. Wow, someone has got beef as name would suggest! Maybe we should forget our industrial heritage and contribution to the game of football too, just in case anyone dares take pride in any local history?
  10. Police forces tend to have social media accounts and keep an eye on public forums, very much doubt they would ever get into a discussion/conversation with people just calling them muppets though. I don't think there's another profession where people slander the entire workforce based on one incident or interaction with one (or a few) members of staff. Cops are like all professionals, some good, some bad, some indifferent, but its probably fair to say as others have commented there's not enough.
  11. Thanks to our inspirational new PM they'll be recruiting soon for those on you who think you could do a better job...........
  12. Why didn't I think of that?! Getting rid of the council will no doubt encourage 'decent shops' to ignore the collapse of the retail sector and flock to Sheffield city centre! What decent shops were you thinking of? House of Fraser? Virgin Megastore?
  13. Less pessimism and pointless comparisons to other cities.
  14. Wouldn't disagree with your view that Momentum, Corbyn and O'Mara have had damaging impacts on Labour's election prospects, you could add the party's failure to deal with antisemitism to that list, but for every one of those failures there's at least the same if not more in the Tory party. Recent bi-election in Wales brought about by Tory MP being convicted of criminal offence, Mark Field throttling climate change protester, failure to deal with Islamophobia in party, lurch to the right in response to Brexit Party and that's before you get onto Failing Grayling and our new PM's challenging relationship with the truth. They almost mirror the issues you raised. Think you're onto something saying British public will tolerate politicians being odious characters if they think they are competent but I think there's also a slight class bias, that most people will trust an upper class MP more than a working class one as historically we're preconditioned to do as we're told by ruling class? Tory's seem to get away with more than Labour do, and same seems to be true on other side of the pond with Republicans and Democrats or is it just me?
  15. Embarrassing antics I assume including: Being himself. Standing up for what he believes in. Attempting engage young people and diverse communities in politics. Raising the profile of Sheffield. What a truly horrifying individual!
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