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  1. As gossips Facebook page has disappeared I think that's the end...........
  2. I went to Gossips on NYE and was very disappointed to be honest. The venue was a complete dive, it was quite literally like they had just been handed the keys and decided to just open it as it was. The seating was mismatched and the flooring had been ripped up and not replaced. All in all far from the glam club it was depicted it will be on facebook. I won't be in a rush to come back.
  3. Try searching "G Man with a van sheffield" in google. I used Graham last week for a house move and I was impressed with his service, top geezer too and very competitve. Rich
  4. The crucible - events@sheffieldtheatres.co.uk
  5. Crucible Theatre Christmas Market Saturday 3 December 10am until 4pm Free Entry It’s nearly Christmas so come and find the perfect gift. Our craft market has a range of local suppliers with an abundance of festive treats on offer including pottery, textiles, jewellery, photography, foods and more. Free Entry 10.00am – 4.00pm http://www.sheffieldtheatres.co.uk/event/christmas-craft-market/
  6. Crucible Craft Market Saturday 22 October 10am - 4pm Crucible Theatre, Tudor Square A range of fantastic items will be available to buy from 35 local suppliers including pottery, photography, textiles, foods and lots more. Entry is free.
  7. Hi, The Crucible and Lyceum both have a partnership with the Q Park on Charles Street. If you are watching a show just ask the staff at either theatre for a ticket that provides the first hours parking free. A handy discount! They also have these on box office when you book. Alternatively look on the council website, it lists all the parking in Sheffield along with charging times and costs. Rich
  8. Crucible Craft Market Saturday 10am - 4pm Crucible Theatre, Tudor Square A range of fantastic items will be available to buy. Entry is free.
  9. The Leopold is a fantastic hotel. Just speak to the people on reception and they are usually very accommodating with room requests. The best Mez suites are 132 and 117. The Deluxe King 145 / 172 are beautiful too. Enjoy
  10. I'd be up for it... is there a competitive edge to it too??
  11. I am in agreement here - trying to get in touch with someone at Haybrook Crystal Peaks appears impossible! Surely they want to sell houses to get money? I have called several times and also sent requests through rightmove and their own website to no avail. Really poor! Only wish I could tell the poor people trying to sell the house that someone is trying to view but never gets called back!!
  12. Yeah the Klick website has very little information on it! Although at £9.99 per month, with no joining fee and no tie it is a good rate and £11 cheaper than I am currently paying at FF. I wonder what they will be doing with the hairdressing salon and studio? If they fill it all with machines this will be a huge number? Still have not heard anything from FF yet about what is happening and when the new place opens.
  13. Just how busy they are really! the gyms themselves are brill as is the cost of the contracts - just get too busy!
  14. SIV - ponds forge/hillsborough leisure centre/concord
  15. I guess it will make more as a Pure Gym as they have no staff overheads then.. It has been a lot quieter in recent months, I am not suprised. Annoying though as I cannot stand SIV Gyms!
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