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    I suffer with a serious heart and lung problem
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    retired due to health problems
  1. i agree with Dragon you should try having a disability and having to use a scooter or wheelchair out of necessity
  2. ive been using a mobility scooter for a few years now and i have never seen anyone hit with one
  3. hiya thanks for reading my daughter as just put a claim to become my carer how much cash should i loose when this happens? thanks
  4. in fact dont sell it to anyone on there your better off putting it on here for collection only
  5. tell them to send cash via special delivery only
  6. i always use a 3 dongle when im at ingoldmells never once had a problem
  7. ive been with orange for a year now not had a problem
  8. before i go on the road my car as to be taxed,mot,and insured,cycles dont,i see people at night when its dark with no lights on there bike and dressed in dark clothing that is an accident waiting to happen and who would get the blame the motorist of course
  9. they should not be allowed on the road end of.............
  10. same here in rotherham a right pain in the but it was.
  11. i would never dream of downloading films of the net then again !!!!
  12. what software do i need to write films to dvd thanks
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