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  1. Reviving an old thread....don’t suppose anyone knows where they went?
  2. Can anyone recommend anyone? Need something doing that I guess would be easy for anyone who knows about it, obviously I will pay. Thanks
  3. Can anyone recommend a man and van/rubbish removal company? Thanks
  4. I've got 5,000 leaflets to be delivered around Walkley and Crookes over the next 3/4 weeks. I wondered if any other business would like the same volume of leaflets delivering in the same area, maximum of 2 others. Private message if interested. Thanks
  5. It needs extracting and your carpets deodorising.myself or any professional carpet cleaning business could do it....or for a cheaper option try a car wash/valet bay place.
  6. Hi, I'm soon going to be sending out a high volume of my own company leaflets. If any other businesses would be interested in your leaflets been delivered along with mine please contact me. It's all arranged to start in about 1 months time and the delivery guys will be GPS tracked and monitored Please email me if interested supreme_clean@btinternet.com
  7. Hi, Does anyone know who does/where to get authentic fresh home made Jamaican patties? The Jamaican take aways I've tried only do pre packed ones. Cheers
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell me if they receive a local paper in their area? I know about North Sheffield but interested in other parts of Sheffield. Many thanks
  9. Hi, i offer textile insect & pest treatment. The product i use is not available to the general public as you need a licence number to even order it. Ive had great success so far. Feel free to get in touch. Thanks
  10. Thanks, thats who we always use for appliance repairs normally but they cant touch it because it has a gas supply for the hob. Thanks anyway.
  11. Can anyone recommend anyone to repair electric ovens? Its heating up but only to warm not full heat. Cheers.
  12. Hi Steve, yes the account is set up and i can have access to the account. Ive been running adwords for 3 months now. Its just i know nothing about it yet.
  13. Hi, the company i currently use to manage my google adwords will no longer be trading from April so i will be needing someone new.... Can anyone recommend anyone? Thanks
  14. Wasn't saying it for that at all....there are alot cheaper than me who i could point them too and im full for over a week anyway...i was trying to help. Then again its no shock such a comment was made on here.
  15. Hi, sorry to hear about this. Are you sure they aren't cleanable? No matter who you used it would be a cheaper option than replacing. Just a thought.
  16. Hi, You could try Hoyland Family Dental Centre. Its only a 5/10 minute drive from Chapeltown and they are taking on.
  17. Chris@MAC Plastering. Hes a member on here, first class. May be a wait though.
  18. Hi thanks for the replies and advise. Ive decided to use a professional company who specialise in adwords, im also having a new website built. Although not cheap i will see how things go over the next few months. Thanks again.
  19. Hi, do any local small businesses use google adwords?? If so whats your budget? Does it work? Any info appreciated. Looking into different marketing ideas and researching what works and what doesn't. Most of my work is word of mouth, referrals, repeats etc but always looking to grow. Thanks Steve
  20. Thanks very much for the offer, really good of you but the earliest i can send it is next weekend. Appreciate the offer though.
  21. Thankyou all for the replies and advise. Its some carpet cleaning equipment, machine/hoses etc as i have recently upgraded. It will need wrapping, and its going to Scotland. Thanks again.
  22. Has anyone used a courier company to deliver a pallet of items before? Also wheres the best place to get hold of a wooden pallet and some shrink wrap? Thanks
  23. I know people will probably say 'well he would say that' but genuinely i wouldnt recommend attempting it yourself. Professional carpet cleaners have products designed for this.
  24. Well ive now cleaned in excess of 30 ovens without advertising. Truth is there is no secret product or miracle way to clean an oven. Its not a nice job and the main thing is hard work (elbow grease). Ive attended carpet cleaning training around the country as a lot can go wrong and although not rocket science there is a lot to learn to be good! Oven Pride etc will work but to get the racks shining and glass clear will take a very long time. It all boils down to whether you want to do it yourself!
  25. Can anyone recommend anyone to do end of year accounts for a sole trader/small business please. Did self assessment previously but could do with some professional advise now.
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