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  1. I miss Netto carry bag prices daft shop at Jack Fultons free bags.
  2. You wear them pride your Dad was a brave man without such people hell knows what would have happened. If only to show what evil they were fighting clearly lost on some forum members.
  3. Heil Conrod. Do you goose step around Sheffield city center peaching your far right crap then? What would your hero think of this neo Nazi thinking? Do you buy a poppy for our war dead who frought in the First World War and Second World War? You are one hell of sick man.
  4. Sorry to hear about your Dads problems. Take no notice of the idiots on here who say its great to stop peoples money for three years. Lets stop there money for three years see how they would get on. No doubt theses over the top rules will be used more for whats been said any little reason thats your money stopped. Watch while crime rises as a result. My advice here is to appeal you could try to claim ESA but its not easy. This country is fast becoming a new Third Reich and the crazy thing is some people cant see whats happening.
  5. The replica ship of H.M.S Bounty built in 1962 has sunk off the Amercian coast. There were sixteen crewman on board two are missing the Coastguard are searching the area were the ship sank in hope of finding the two crewman alive. Lets hope there ok. The ship has been used for blockbuster films over the years. Source of information Sky News.
  6. Food prices have risen a lot over the last few years. Remember the country has had a lot of rain this year which damages crops so the price goes up. Plus other costs have risen to, the way things are going no amount of money will be enough in the end remains me of Germany in the 1930s. It will also get to the point where food banks will not be able to supple everyone who needs them then what we have people staving to death?
  7. Hilter would came out with such ideas as yourself. kill the Jews,disabled and others deemed unworthie of the greater idea. Yet you seem fit to use a Winston Churchill speech a man who frought agaisnt such ideas and 60 million people dead. Looks like they shouldnt have bothered.
  8. No its not, Im trying to be the new 'Pond Street Nora'.
  9. Perhaps its time for the poor to stand up for themselfs and say enough is enough.
  10. We have heard the expression a seat for the lonely regarding pubs. Does this forum fullfill that role the same way as pubs?
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