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  1. I've just moved to sharrow! Which way should my tv Ariel be facing?
  2. This might have been answered, just got in. But why wasn't Madiline picked? Massive win today and well done you Red and White wizards!
  3. You best getting a pro around for. A professional view. Call for a quote
  4. I've heard that Blundells are the best in Sheffield! Dose any one know what percentage they charge? Thank you To sell.
  5. Yes it will need supporting. Probably 2 steels, because the wall your intending to knock out will be the original house. With the kitchen just being an off shot
  6. It's free, local businesses make good money, there was no negative vibes yesterday, it brought family generations together. A fantastic day. The build up to the day, the food, beer etc, the history of the TDF. Then you had the 4 helicopters prior to the screeching cars, then you had the riders! When watching these guys on bikes, they train hard, great bikes - and for the women (the Lycra shorts) No pre madonnas Not like the great footballers on 300k a week. You are supporting the riders - not a country That's what makes sheffield great x
  7. 10 x better than the World Cup or Olympics. Because it's free! No travelling because it comes to your door step. People started arriving Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am. I was luckily I set of at 3pm, a brisk 5 mins walk. Not sure about the south side of sheffield tho, probably next time the route could be Bradfield- Oughtobridge - Halifax road - past owlerton dog track, up St Phillips, past the Childrens hospital up to fulwood, down to millhouses, the back down Abbeydale Road into pass town to the Cliffe again?
  8. Post 70, I nearly agree. . . 1 waddle 2 Giggs 3 gerrard 4 chicken currie
  9. My pal had the same problem. He asked me to help him out. Call and write to building control, they are very helpful. It cost money tho, so expect to pay up front, I went down personal, in my own time. It's down attercliffe the HQ, opposite the retail park. Take photos, letters etc and try and write a full report, time started, size of beams, etc You may have to drill holes for access and to take sizes. Good luck
  10. Terrible organisation. Should have been on my road this week, they spent at Thursday 17th putting signs up. 2 men, one walking and the other man following him in the van at 2mph. They spent half a day putting up signs. So I parked my car half a mile away. For 2 days nothing. On the 3rd day they took the signs down. It looks like on the top road near Halifax road they taken up 100 foot of Tarmac, broke the kerb or machine then left. Now the path on hilltop road is damaged. Farce, just the horses are missing and a nice sunset
  11. I know what you mean with the membrane situation. We can do this work for £25.00 a metre. But it won't be guaranteed . These company's are Specalist in damp proofing. And give you 25 years. . . .or if it fails in 2 or 24 years you'll be wanting your money back?
  12. I was at old Trafford in 1998 it was great. We went to Blackpool Friday night and Saturday. . . . Then hit Manchester Sunday morning. We didn't go in the pub. . We went to the local off licence bought 8 cans of red stripe for (£ and sung blades song on the packed streets until kick off. Probaly arsenals ground would have been a good semi final venue (north London ) remember sheffield fans don't and won't be going to any premiership gounds for a while. .. . . .
  13. Yes, we've just done a property up norton, 25 to 30k All depends of what quality of products you require
  14. For my kitchen, I am going retro. I am after some 25mm square steel bar/ kitchen leg. (Painted black already) When we had a council house, we had a worktop with this worktop leg on it In black, with plastics fittings on the ends I have been on ebay and the nearest is 30miles away. Is there anywhere in sheffield (steel city) that sells this stuff.
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