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  1. Anyone have an Allotment and needs a Cockeral?? I have a beautiful Indian game Cockeral - he's 6 mths old and is just starting to find his voice 😬 Inbox me for Pics
  2. Hi, l have bags of chicken manure available. Free to whoever wants it Collection Hillsborough
  3. Been Coeliac for years now and nothing comes close to a Friday Night Kebab- GF Donor meat never found any 😫
  4. Hi, my name us Denise, l qm the Community Champion at Morrison's Hillsborough. We will be holding an Easter event instore to help us raise money for our charity partner. If anyone could help us with some knitted Chicks for Easter so we can sell and raise Money for CLIC Sargent we would very much appreciate your support, Thank you Here’s the pattern THE BIG CLIC EASTER KNIT IS BACK FOR 2020 Knitted Easter Chicks (To fit over a Cadburys Creme Egg) You will need: Any coloured double knit wool A pair of needles UK size 11 (3mm) Orange felt for the beaks Black felt or thread of the eye Cotton Wool Ball/ toy stuffing for head Coloured Ribbon to finish off Cadburys Creme Egg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cast on 20 sts Knit 1 row Inc in 1st st, k8, inc into next 2 sts, knit to end (23sts) Inc in 1st st, k9, inc into next 2 sts, knit to end (26sts) Inc in 1st st, k11, inc into next 2 sts, knit to end (29sts) Inc 1 st at the beginning of every row until 42 sts are on the needle Cast off 11 sts at the beginning of next 2 rows (20 sts) Increase 1 st at the beginning of the next 4 rows (24sts) Knits 4 rows K2, then k2tog to last 2 sts, k2 (14sts) Knit 4 rows K2, then k2tog to last 2sts, k2 (9sts) Draw wool through rem 9 sts and pull tight With that piece of wool, sew round the edge of work to the beginning st leaving the cast on edge open so that the egg can be inserted. Stuff the head with a cotton wool ball, sew around the neck and gather in. Sew 2 eyes with fine black wool and stick or sew a diamond shaped piece of orange felt for the beak. Tie a thin piece of ribbon around the neck in a bow. Fill with egg and check it doesn’t drop out when holding chick by head. Add extra stitches to tighten if required. Please hand in your finished chicks to Morrisons Hillsborough Customer Services marked Easter Chicks for the Community Champion by 25th March 2020 Please complete the tear of slip below and enclose in your parcel of knitted Chicks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name ____________________________ Email Address __________________________ Address __________________________________________________________________ No.chicks enclosed ______ Thank you for your support, all money raised will go directly to CLIC Sargent Young Lives vs Cancer.
  5. Did you know.... Morrison's Hillsborough has a Community Room? It's a space for local groups to get together every week/fortnightly or monthly on a Bookable basis. It's a self contained room and is free to use, and can be used for Craft Classes/Parenting Groups/Meetings etc If you think it would be of interest to your group, please contact me in the first instance to arrange to come and look around, turning up unexpected may mean you are not able to view champion.hillsborough@morrisonsplc.co.uk
  6. A Rocking Chair or something a bit more regal for a few hours Saturday the 7th December?? I'm the Community Champion at Morrison's Hillsborough and its our Christmas Market, we are setting up a little Grotto for the Children with Craft Activities, food tasters and of course a visit from Santa. If you could possibly help please contact me at champion.hillsborough@morrisonsplc.co.uk
  7. You should've seen them in Kids playground 🤬 l did have a rant at them, but to no avail and Security were useless they just carried on talking to someone, reported to Tramlines who said they'd put a stop to it, but they said same last year when it happened.
  8. Looking for more Chickens, however wanting particular breeds -Sebright and Copper Black Marans at POL, can anyone help??
  9. Between 7-9am apparently which is a shame as wanted to take my kids, can't get for that time
  10. Can anyone recommend any Psychics/Tarot card readers please for a charity night And no l don't want to know if you think its a load of rubbish, each to their own Thanks
  11. It was taking Aid over to Indonesia, very loud and quite low when it went over
  12. I was one of the Residents and loved every minute if it, most others l spoke to said the same, Roll on next year
  13. 100% Agree, Can't wait and mykids are excited too.....
  14. Attercliffe Gymnastics Academy run by Beth 07854 509551 Unit 1, fieldhouse way, S4 7SF
  15. Its not ideal. We had one and they start crowing anytime from 3.30am despite blacking out the pen, Hens are loud enough....
  16. I had mine done 4 years ago up there, fantastic staff and have had no complaints since
  17. Need Guttering replacing please on a mid terrace, recommendations please
  18. Need Guttering replacing asap on a Mid Terrace, anyone recommend someone please?
  19. I have a Realborn Owen and a Sold out Penelope, my Daughter has a Saskia and one l can’t remember the name of
  20. No we haven't, l know there is one in Doncaster so fairly close but I'd end up buying more See so many nice ones on Facebook especially the Realborns ❤
  21. Hi, I'm a cake maker, if you want to send me a message then l can try and help you Dee
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