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  1. Hi, that must be quite old because I worked at Neills back in the seventies and all the products went under Neill Tools as opposed to an individual company but I couldnt put a year to it, hope that helps.
  2. Hi Tony, I haven't been on here for a while, just to let you know Jack passed away 20th February this year, he is at peace now.
  3. I think your uncle was known as farmer George because of his accent??
  4. I bowled in the supreme league around the time you refer to, Eric Hughes was the secretary and people like Ron Oldfield, Pete Oldfield, Ric Cauldwell, Paul Boyle, Barry Greenall, his son, Alan Bennett was our team captain, very happy memories.
  5. I worked at Pond Street and Roman Ridge Road when it was first built. I worked in the engine room? with Harry Lee and Vic Hollins was chief engineer. That was back in 1966 so as I was the baby of the `family' I doubt that anyone I worked eith would still be around. Mr Collins was the general manager and Jum Glenn was his deputy. Lots more I remember if anyones interested??
  6. Hi Ron, I worked with Ray at TIA, I was Rays sales director and have his email address somewhere if you want it?
  7. Don't think anyone on here could have lived closer to the `green than we did, we lived at the top of Sturge Street and from our back door we looked a t the side of the green. Every Monday and Thursday my mom used to take me because that was when the pictures changed. First film Quo Vadis!
  8. I am surprised you don't remember me Alan, I was never out of the bowl either, Aubrey was the guy I was trying to remember and his wife rita, seemed a strange couple. Les Phillips drove a Ford Corsair at the time and surprised he was bald. He measured me for my first bowling ball.
  9. Hi, I knew Tony very well from about 1968, he used to but kit cars and a very good friend of mine who owned Rydal garage used to construct them for Tony. When Tony was in Sharrowvale Road, Rydal garage was underneath the showroom. At the time Tony had a dark blue mint V12 e type jag stood outside the showroom with a notice on it NOT FOR SALE and he used to say it was the best selling tool he had because it drew people into the showroom, he was a lovely, lovely guy. My first wife worked for him for a while at London road, and any of his good friends will remember the beebee gun fad! ---------- Post added 20-02-2017 at 09:38 ---------- Hi Bill Lawson was an ex=copper and frequented Tony,s when he was at London Road and Sharrowvale Road. My best mate owned Rydal garage which was underneath the showroom and did a lot of work for Tony, we were a small friendly crowd, John who worked for Tony had a cat he used to call cooking fat ( think about it!) and some of the things we got up to beggars belief, I could fill a page with stories!! ---------- Post added 20-02-2017 at 09:39 ---------- Bill Lawson was an ex copper I don't know the other guys name, that could be memory loss!! ---------- Post added 20-02-2017 at 09:42 ---------- I knew Tony from both his showrooms, even got to crash a brand new vixen doing Tony a favour!!
  10. Hi Harry, I must have been at Heeley bank then, I would have been 8, but sorry I don't remember your name, mine is Lawrence (Lol) Staley.
  11. Hi Alan, I know its a long time ago, did you work with spider(I think that was his nickname, other names I remember is Ian who was a mechanic and also ray Clethro who I know very well. Also Margaret who ran control and eventually married a guy called Alan, I knew them from Firth Park bowl where I went after queens road closed and became Alhambra, I wish I could get my hands on the guys throat who came up with that idea!!
  12. Mick ran the ocelot and it was on the corner of bramall lane. Mick had a haircut like catweazle.
  13. Wonder if anyone remembers Terry Stone driving his ex Jackie Oliver mustang at that event. When it was his turn to go up the hill the throttle jammed open and it slammed into a tree piercing one of terry,s lungs. I wonder if anyone else remembers??
  14. I was the junior engineer and it was my job to drive the Zamboni. ---------- Post added 19-02-2017 at 21:10 ---------- Hi Alan, you have mixed up the Aston Martin gimmick, this was done to promote the James Bond film and the Aston delivered the bowling team called the secret agents to the bowling centre under the ice rink, I was one of the bowlers!
  15. Well, well, well never thought I would here your name again!! I used to be the instructor, paid with free games!! Les Philips was the manager, Gordon was his 2nd in command and then you and another guy(memory fails) who,s wife loved to strut up and down when he was on duty. Remember Alan as well...remember.... Lol Staley.
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