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  1. Hi Does anyone know what the flats are like at the greenway deepcar.... I mean in terms of what is the estate like? Thanks
  2. Hi Are there any avon reps in s35 that could contact me please? I would liek to order some stuff thanks
  3. There is also a very child friendly group that train at high green miner's welfare on tuesday and friday. It is mixed martial arts of Aikido, Jujitsu and Karate. It runs 7-8.15pm for a very reasonable £2 per session. Contact Sue or Ron on 07952 631 810
  4. Thanks....any more info appreciated. I know it is not Totley etc but I cant afford that. Just want a decent area with hardworking people for neighbours.
  5. Hi I am thinking of moving to sheffield lane top area, maybe elm lane or a road just off it such as hereward road/cliffe house road Does anyone have any experience of this area/living here? Thanks
  6. :hihi:Let's hope it is not cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances!
  7. Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
  8. Hi I have a 10 year old lad who wants to buy a 2nd hand xbox 360. Can someone please explain to how the amount of memory affects it? How much memory will he need just to play games? I have seen 20, 60, 120gb etc. But dont want to pay more if memory is not needed! Thanks ---------- Post added 12-03-2013 at 09:33 ---------- 80 views and no replies....surely somebody can give a little advice please????
  9. yorkshire carton company in high green they sell boxes, recycled good quality packaging. About 20p a pop. Also sell very good tape for 50p a roll....not your poundland rubbish
  10. I would suggest Mike at http://www.nextleveltuition.co.uk. Very experienced one to one tutor, having delivered a lot of 1 to 1 for schools in Sheffield. He does offer private tuition at a student's home. He teaches primary upto GCSE in English and Maths. He was a huge help to our daughter.
  11. I would suggest Mike at http://www.nextleveltuition.co.uk He was a great help to our daughter.
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