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  1. I live on Sharrow Lane and have just received a letter from Amey statng that our street is next...
  2. Thanks all. I'm amazed this is the standard timeline, but it's reassuring to know that it will be enforced (eventually) one day.
  3. That's great to hear. I suppose the enforcement must just take longer to process than I thought. It's not Ruth or Zoe crookesy. Am communicating with someone from planning enforcement, not planning permission.
  4. Hi all, Planning permission is definitely required for our area as it's an Article 4 Direction area. It's Nether Edge if that helps. I chased the enforcement officer the other day and they replied to me today saying that they're still in the process of forcing him to comply. He said he would a few months ago, but hasn't done anything yet so they're going to remind him the work is outstanding and they may consider using "more formal enforcement action" if he doesn't. The owner is a landlord btw, the building is split into flats, so I don't think he'll be bothered about the resale value.
  5. Hi, I was walking down Wostenholm Road the other day and noticed a new Italian is being fitted out. Anyone else seen it? I can't remember the name at all, and can't find it online. It was a bit down the road, on the right, past the shops and after the large block of flats (Sharrow Court).
  6. That's true. But I'm the one that has to look at their ugly windows every day. They get to look at my nice sash windows.
  7. They said that they'd spoken to the owner and asked them to remove the new windows and replace them, or they'd do it for them by force, but didn't seem to have given them a timeline. It's just over 5 months later now and nothing has happened.
  8. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any advice/sympathy. I live in a conservation area, as does my neighbour. In November last year my neighbour replaced all their sash windows with PVC and burned the wooden originals in their yard. I notified the council about this (they don't seem very nice so I was afraid to go round and consult them, plus it was done during the day while I was out). However, despite receiving an email reply from the council saying it was definitely illegal, they hadn't requested planning permission and the owner was being asked to replace them with the originals or identical replacements nothing since has happened. The PVC is still there and no replacement look likely, and there has been no planning permission applied for. Last sumer I spent a ridiculous amount getting our original sash windows refurbished. Did i waste my money? I'm just annoyed our neighbour is getting away with this. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  9. The man is a complete fraud, please don't waste your money.
  10. If they don't have it, try Starmore Boss in Hunters Bar. Amazing shop!
  11. We went to Gigi's on a weekday evening and I have to say I was a little disappointed. The decor was beautiful, and the wine list was good, but the food and service was a let-down. I had the calamari to start, which tasted like it had been taken out of those big bags and cooked from frozen. Just big rings instead of the tendrils (my favourite bits). I had the chicken as my main and this was actually really nice, but the sauce on my chicken tasted almost the same as the sauce on my husband's fish (and they were supposed to be different dishes!). We both had tiramisu for dessert, and they again didn't taste that fresh. I think perhaps I'm spoiled by La Terrazza and Gusto though. The service is also a little lacking; and the waiter's tone of voice was a little patronising/sarcastic. Hopefully it'll get better though!!
  12. Hi all, I was in London recently and went to a show at the o2 arena. I got into a venue using my phone. It just got me wondering, are there any venues in Sheffield that do this? (It was great not to have to print anything, or remember bits of paper, and just had to show my phone screen). Don't think I've seen it.... Thanks
  13. According to their website: Opening in Q2 2016, a new 9 screen, all digital cinema for the city centre Part of the phase 2 development of The Moor by Scottish Widows Investment Property Partnership Trust
  14. We live in Nether Edge and used Eric Gilbert Carpets for a laminate floor recently (they do wooden floors too) and they were amazing. The customer service was fantastic, they let us take samples home to see how they looked in the room, they did a test for damp first as I was concerned about that, and the fitters did a great job very quickly and left the place immaculate. Their address is 672 Abbeydale Rd.
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