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  1. It is safe as long as you are sensible.There's no currents that can take you underwater. Jumping in water is extremely dangerous regardless of your ability (cold shock), so don't do that. Drinking alcohol near water is extremely dangeous. Falling into water when you weren't planning to comes under at least one of the two previous points, so don't do that if you can help it. Obviously due to the location and the average intelligence of the Great British Public, CVP is probably asking for an accident I admit. Someone will be along to say "it's deep", and it is. VERY deep. It's about a metre on the edge but drops quickly and it's something like 13m in the middle. That's good - shallow water is the best way to get your feet cut etc. Humans float like corks so there's no reason for that to be a problem as long as you don't jump or fall in. Someone will be along to say "a little girl drowned in there", do some research and you'll find it was a teenage girl jumping between boats and she fell in. Tragic but not a good plan. Yes. Getting in cold water (and all UK water is cold by any average person's definition - 20 degrees is probably the current CVP temp and that will make you gasp a bit) QUICKLY is dangerous. She would have been rushing for sure and possibly even jumped in. There's no surprise such an event is likely to lead to an emergency. The swimmers at CVP, if they're sensible (no booze, no jumping and slow acclimatisation to the water) are taking a risk but on the whole are not in danger. Hope that helps. (I'm a regular CVP swimmer for several years, including winter when we broke the ice literally. I don't swim there now due to the crowds that have descended on the place, there will be trouble there soon but not due to swimming per se).
  2. Wow fantastic thread alchemy @athy! He had business cards made - he was better at business than he claimed then! I think it has become a private house now - when I posted the thread the it was still a shop, but boarded up and was a bit mysterious.
  3. I’ve been looking for the same thing, can’t find anything apart from DB. Why are you excluding them, have you used them or is it just because you already know about them? Seems even basic lockup garages are hard to find. Let me know if you find anything!
  4. Porter valley plodders, Wednesday nights from the Greystones. Don’t be put off by the name. totley ac run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from bents green and millhouses in the winter.
  5. A bit of info here https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/13380-marmion-road/
  6. Another good night in there, Tuesday was quiz night and although I didn't partake it was a good one. It's a bit like being in a big front room, exactly what a pub should be.
  7. You can report them with a single click, it won't take much of that for them to be banned. You'd then offer to the underbidder and with luck they won't give you any trouble.
  8. I had a few in there last night, very pleasant it was too after deciding against the noise in the Ball. Nice work. Out of mild curiosity, how are the tables bolted down? There's no screws in the legs but they're well secured somehow. That's probably the most boring question ever asked on this forum, but I am very boring. Also: many of the chairs remind of my old school's chairs but that school was destroyed many years ago (hooray!). Where did they come from? Great asset to Crookes, agreed. Me too, that was my first NEIPA and not my last.
  9. There's truth in that. I just thought a business like showroom would skate through the exercise somehow.
  10. Surprised to see their food score isn't anything to brag about: https://www.scoresonthedoors.org.uk/business/the-showroom--58439.html
  11. It's some time ago now but I had a scammer from Poland try a refund fraud on me. He tried claiming the (very expensive and heavy) item had been "destroyed" by the courier, best he could do was a very vague and obscure photograph. He did his best to get me to email outside of ebay ("I can't send the clear photo through ebay!") and also tried to get me angry about the courier company. Presumably to divert my time and attention. Keep a clear head, keep it professional. I kept reminding him it was "best to stay within the ebay message system in case *you* need evidence in an investigation. It's best for you sir". I sent a message along the lines of: "if you could send a photograph of the destroyed item including the serial number in case we need to issue criminal proceedings against these couriers" and "just return the item, even if it is destroyed, and we will refund immediately - of course all serial numbers will be verified". Basically do what any business would do and do not get angry. Eventually he went quiet but it was a nervous period waiting for the refund window to close. I was able to track down the buyer, in Poland, and it turns out he runs an online shop. And to my surprise there's a similar item to mine on sale - looking in pretty good condition to say it was "destroyed"! If he had managed to scam a refund, I would have bought the item back, on a credit card. I suspect I would have been lodging a complaint about a "destroyed" item with the credit card company...
  12. Cat's PJs: Oh God, "Street Food". To be fair, I've eaten in the Leeds Branch (indoors, you don't actually go onto the street, and the food has never actually seen outdoors, but y'know, marketing) and it was good. Genuinely good quality but the branding is up itself.
  13. And it's open this evening too (nearly empty but then the Ball wasn't exactly heaving either). Anyone know what's happening? My guess is that caretakers have been dropped in already.
  14. This thread has got confusing. Is it closed now or not? Last I heard they were running down the stock ready to close. It was in darkness last couple of times I looked. Greene King gaffs don't stay closed for long, is the next victim lined up yet?
  15. 3. Office World have been dead for at least the last 10 years. They were bought by - ironically - staples. 4. It's Office Outlet the odd chain that are trading in the old staples shop. They won't last long . 5. Hilco (hmv owner) bought the 'assets' from staples and now they run the estate like a jumble sale. 6. Lazarus' post is pretty much right if you sub 'folded' with 'brix and mortar biz was flogged for a quid and a used copy of Fiesta'.
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