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  1. Hi Simone We are female photographers and we have a studio in Grenoside Sheffield. We're doing portraits and weddings at the moment but quite happy to work with models. Drop us a message if you like our work and we can meet up for cup of tea. Grace@maquinaphotography.com
  2. Have you thought about a mother's day gift? How about some beautiful professional portraits? Have a look at our Spring Specials, a thoughtful gift for mum!
  3. We would recommend Emma from Orchis Floral Design, lovely lady and her flowers are beautiful. http://www.orchisfloraldesign.com/
  4. Hi, Does anyone know what the #! and the code at the end means on my website link? http://www.maquinaphotography.com/#!weddings/c1ab2
  5. Hi Max Do you need a photographer for your work with the Red Cross? Kind regards Shona Munro
  6. It would depend on what you want to do with your photos or graphics I suppose, I've been using photoshop elements for years and recently downloaded the trial of lightroom after so many recommendations from my photographer friends. Lightroom is good for sorting out the photos, adjusting contrast etc., I find it more user friendly and much quicker on editing my photos generally but if you need to do more sophisticated things like coping, masking or removing blurring etc. then you will need photoshop. Treat yourself both, you can get them much cheaper from adobe if you're a student
  7. Anyone use Canon Pixma Pro9000 printer? would you recommend it or any other printer suggestion?
  8. We're having an open night for anyone interested in children's portrait photography. Its a free exhibition where you can pick up tips and advice, or just generally have a good night out, with free drinks and nibbles. Have a look at the website for more details... look under the 'news' tab. We'd love to see you there, if you'd like a formal invite send us an e-mail via the website: maquinaphotography.com
  9. Take lots and then delete the ones you don't like. Digital is best....goes without saying for this approach! Try the programme mode on your camera rather than the auto mode and play with it. Let the camera do the work!
  10. Try Adobe Lightroom 4, it's pretty good for general editing.
  11. Would recommend Harrisons in London Road too, they are good!
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