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  1. Hope you find this evil slag mate. She deserves a good thump. People like this deserve a kicking, female or not. She's probably a yummy mummy who parks in disabled bay cos she's too lazy to walk 50 yards to Tesco. Absolute trash. PS. If she's your daughter, mom, sister or wife, be ashamed, very ashamed.
  2. I reckon it was that very photo that attracted him here in the first place. However, finding out that Mecca is now an Aldi/Iceland must have come as a bit of a blow to the confused lad.
  3. Or alternatively, "Some cretin bought me a pet (dog, cat, rodent, amphibian, reptile etc) that I wasn't expecting and can't care for so need a loving home for it to go to".
  4. Just wondering if there's anyone on here who knows the lad (initials M.P.) who was attended to by medics this morning in the street in S10. (It was me who called for ambulance) He had what looked like a broken left arm and an injured right foot. He seemed to be in a lot of pain when I left him and I'm hoping someone who knows him can tell me that he's okay. Long shot I know. Thanks in advance.
  5. Surely it just means that you have access to the card details, not proving who you personally are and I already pointed out that it is enough detail to enable an online purchase ..... or at least acquire financial gain as in your post. Which is the bit I'm feeling suspicious about.
  6. I am aware of this. The bit in the bold is the reason why I am cynical as to why anyone would give Noddle their 3 digit security number, or more pertinent, why they are asking for it. That's the reason I'm on here discussing it. Surely account number and sort code along with your name should be enough.
  7. It's something I wouldn't do, but Noddle don't know this and I'm sure that there are other couples who don't have this trust. What I'm saying is that asking for your 3 digit security number isn't proving anything about the person tendering it so no point in asking for it really. All it is proving is that the person entering the details has access to the card.
  8. Could still be a random stalker though who has had a quick look at someone else's card. I could have entered my wife's details once I've had my hands on her debit card. Just seems dodgy to me...... the eternal cynic:?
  9. This is the info they ask for prior to the "enter 3 digit security number on the signature strip" request:- Title ..... First name .... Surname ..... Date of Birth .... Address ..... How long you've lived there ... Email address .... Phone number .... Reason for joining .... All of your bank details.... Enough in fact to do an online purchase:huh:
  10. It also asks for ALL your credit or debit card details including 3 digit security number on back of card
  11. This thread has the makings of a new Compare the Market ad!
  12. I remember him as a short, dumpy, balding bloke who had a cracking sense of humour. Didn't know he was a Blade though.
  13. Went to St John Fisher late 50's. Altar boy at church. Have a photo of Frs McDonagh and O'Dowd somewhere. Will send it if I can find it.
  14. Fr. McDonagh (sp) late of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church. His partner in crime was Fr. O'Dowd. A right pair of likely lads.
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