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  1. Hello we will be once again collecting Christmas trees for recycling to raise funds for sheffield childrens hospital. if you would like to book please go to our website below. we will be collecting from the 7th of January. www.christmastreecollections.uk
  2. Hello, Any recommendations on where to do a motorcycle course in sheffield will be the direct access course i have no experience on a motorbike im 25 been driving since 18. Just want to see where most people do it and what they roughly spent thanks mitch
  3. Hello, Just looking for somewhere to buy metal off cuts I like building stuff for off roaders and making things rather than storing lots of big pieces in my lock up plus the expense wanting to buy some off cuts?. Anyone know where I could get some please willing to pay will be collecting to
  4. I find a lot of landscapers assume so they will assume your not interested just by talking to you so never send a quote over or not turn up because they don't feel it's worth there while. I'm at every quoting job 10 minutes early and quotes are with the customer with in 3 days via email.
  5. Hello, I've never really pushed such service in sheffield just wondering its feasibility also would be taking all grass cuttings with me. This would be for a fortnightly cut just basic mow and strim in and out which would be vastly reflected in price also discounts for more people you refer on your street. Any feedback would be great.
  6. i've just spat my tea across my keyboard how many sqm do you need laying? i'll happily come look ive just quoted a couple in sheffield that price for 70sqm thats a crazy price so yours is around 27sqm? my mobile number is 07455012326
  7. i've got one dont mind doing it for fuel money and a subway haha
  8. Looking for somewhere local to fish day and night with decent stocking i dont care for a lake full of un catchable specimens or legends. rather have a decent stocked teen lake with a couple of specimens willing to pay good money for the right place any help thanks
  9. probably stole them to eat or sell on had it happen at my local lake years ago were after the big ones to sell on
  10. round up 360 thats what professional use and i use also if it rains it doesent wash away as long as its been on the weed for 2 hours. it will last you forever just make sure you dilute it well. dont spray while windy or step in it then walk on your lawn like ive seen people do in the past. However thinking about this may want to look for something that is residual based as its a drive and will sit in the ground to stop weeds coming up.
  11. This is possible have done it in the past for customers on a tight budget when they just want a quick fix. however its not advisable better off removing old lawn cutting off then rotovating sand in. Also if drainage is bad maybe build a soak away with pebbles.
  12. sure theres compost bins which look like beehives now also you can buy like a lime base product to help it break down faster in the bin
  13. Are you looking for an outside space to use maybe a patio or small decked area? could always make a brick bbq or get some nice furniture and a fire pit. I would say try finding a green house on gumtree or on the for sale section on this site always one going cheap. i'd suggest painting all the fence panels then putting up trellis or willow as stated then grow clematis up them. Any chance of some more pictures please
  14. Hello Justin, I would happily come take a look and advise you on what is the best and cost effective way to re turf your lawn. Here are my contact details if you would like to get in touch 07455012326 or hedgeabovetherest@outlook.com
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