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  1. Yes, it has. But don't forget: clicks and views are now everything, and it's this sort of carny sideshow of a thread that keeps the forum afloat.
  2. Yes, we should. It's very fine indeed. There's a bit of Steve Nieve at twentyish seconds in on Magnificent Hurt that's straight out of another song, but my ancient brain can't quite place it.. It's driving me silly.
  3. Thank you, Pattricia. 💜
  4. This little snippet made me chortle today:
  5. Look, I know you don't understand, and that's ok. And I know you're just itching to repost that list of examples of wrongness so you can waggle your arse at the experts again, and that's ok too, because it's such a great example of what I meant and so utterly textbook that I think we can all join you in finding some amusement here, and that really is a win. Try to have a look at that empathy deficit though, eh?
  6. I'll never understand this need to gloat. I mean in general, yes, of course I understand it: it's just sad blokeish arseholery; but at the same time it's just such a very strange thing to do in this context (multi-scanario models; behaviour change; evolving understanding; etc etc). It just isn't a thing. It's all rather odd. But it is becoming clearer. Anyway. This thread took a turn then, eh?
  7. What did you think I'd say to that? Does a scorpion sting when fighting back? They strike to kill and you know I will You know I will - Mad Woman - Taylor Swift
  8. Something Got Me Started- Simply Red.
  9. The record goes from blue to gold, so thank you for all your help I know you want to jump around but try to contain yourself Backstabber - The Dresden Dolls
  10. They called time and vodka and lime In some far flung Canadian club And there I was just waiting to fall Like a toe just aching to stub - Elvis Costello
  11. I don't post much in here, but I'm relieved to see you're well and back posting .
  12. To be fair, I would prefer a satire explanation.
  13. Too late, the antivax subject has been roaming free in this thread for quite some time. But if you have any other naughty subjects you think we shouldn't touch on in this thread, do make a list and we can go through it once I've had my dinner.
  14. It isn't irrelevant if it's a potential consequence of infection. Which it is. The conversation might. I didn't. The article didn't. The people quoted in that article - and there's a shedload more than I quoted in my post - are unhinged, which you acknowledged yourself in your second response to my post. Unhinged sociopathic loons are posting unhinged sociopathic looniness on social media. That's just a thing that's true. You can go and have a splash about in it yourself if you like.
  15. I used the word 'strawman'. (because your response was). Don't think I used any of the others, but the article was indeed about Telegram and its use by dangerous extremists. You're the one who's talking about the unvaccinated in the same context as the antivaxers. Perhaps you should have a little think about that.
  16. Which has precisely nothing to with the the Times article or anything I wrote. That is just so far from being true that it's actually laugh out loud funny. Can't be arsed to do links, because you clearly don't read the responses to your posts let alone any linked articles, but that is just... something else. People who have had covid and then are double vaccinated produce an increased level of neutralising antibodies (infection prevention) and they might be more potent (better at binding their targets). That's unsurprising due to immune memory/maturation etc etc. There's evidence coming out right now that that enhanced immunity might wane in the manner previously observed. Vaccination also has the advantage - and stop me if you've heard this little gem before - of not also producing an immune response that's stimulated by a virus that's alive, kicking and would like very much indeed to incapacitate or kill you. Christ on a bloody bike.
  17. I linked to this article one of the last times this came up. I don't think everyone read it.
  18. I know you're lurching about a bit for a response to my original post about the article in The Times, but the tangent you started going down on this page is just the tiniest wee bit of a strawman.
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