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  1. Hecate

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    It took them a while to forgive this video:
  2. Hecate

    Best and worst TV series endings.

    Pretty Little Liars was always fantastically preposterous, but going full-on twin mode (and with a dodgy British accent) for the finale was just lazy. Can't think of a show that's had a really satisfying ending. Most formerly excellent ones have ended with a whimper, a few seasons too late. Possibly Buffy.
  3. Hecate

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    And this one (it must be in here somewhere):
  4. Hecate

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    This is mine, I think:
  5. Hecate

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    Just noticed that this thread has been going for ten years!
  6. Hecate

    Best intro ever?

  7. Hecate

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    Your periodic reminder:
  8. Hecate

    The "I am currently reading" thread

    The Lovers fills in the background for Parker's dad, and is central to the mythology established in The Black Angel. That seems to have taken a bit of a back seat after The Wrath of Angels, even though with that book we still don't know what Parker really is (though thanks to the Collector we know what he isn't). I've just bought the new one, though my main motivation is finding out how Angel's doing.
  9. Hecate

    The "I am currently reading" thread

    Just finished that one. Great series, but I think it peaked with The Lovers. Splendid writer though. New one out tomorrow.
  10. Hecate

    Find this film/TV episode

    And, of course, now I've posted this I've remembered where it's from 🙄 . It's the reveal that Jesse is a vampire, in S1E2 of Buffy.
  11. In which film or TV episode can you find this scene?: Two people running from a killer. Woman has her back to the man. She says something like "what can we do?" In a twist reveal she turns around and the man says "you can die." He's the killer, or at least involved. It's from something like Scream, but it's not Scream. Almost certainly a film, but could be something like an episode of Buffy. Quite likely from no later than late 90s to mid 00s.
  12. Hecate

    Richards Shop

    Yes, I do. Mostly out of my price range (I was a Miss Siama girl), but I do remember buying a pair of fantastic red boots there with some Christmas money when I was 14 or 15. I remember Warehouse on there too, a few years later.
  13. Hecate

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    What have I done to deserve this?
  14. Hecate

    Boycott Gillette razors.

    Absolutely fascinating to see the corrosion of views and ideals after susceptible folk wade through the internet's nether-regions for long enough.

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