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  1. Stands out like a rotten thumb, doesn't it?
  2. If an Ebay seller offers multiple delivery options (Royal Mail, Evri whatever) they state as much during checkout, and you have check box options to select the one you want, usually according to delivery price and time. If you've selected Royal Mail, or the seller has stated that they only use Royal Mail, and he sent by Evri, then surely that's something to take up with Ebay. I've never had an Evri parcel I haven't been able to track. Evri state on their site that all parcels are tracked. If you didn't receive an email from the seller about the delivery, you should check the Ebay message system as they're duplicated there. You should also have received multiple emails from Evri concerning the delivery at various stages. Implies that someone has the wrong/a different email address.
  3. Your posts are getting increasingly worrisome. This obsession can't be doing your heath any good. You should try to back away from it for a while.
  4. And if you don't have a smart phone you can do all that on their website.
  5. This isn't, of course, unique behaviour; it's an inevitable part of conflicts worldwide, as pointed out above. What is notable, for want of a better word in this context, is the resistance of the hypocritical progressive left to acknowledging its existence here.
  6. Excellent piece by Marina Hyde on the Scobie book: One small slip and Omid Scobie’s Harry and Meghan book goes stratospheric. Imagine his distress. I'd give a small body part to be able to write with half as much wit and flair as Marina.
  7. Yes, that was an excellent piece too. I posted it yesterday . I notice that this article accomplished the rare feat of prodding some of those who seldom, rather understandably, venture into territory on social media certain to provoke fans of Jones (especially when he's a colleague). I'm looking at you, Marina Hyde: Not sure if Twitter is still allowing those without an account to view tweets, so just in case, here's what she said: And this from ex-Guardian journalist Suzanne Moore: Subtweeting, for those unfamiliar, means referring on Twitter to someone, usually critically, without actually mentioning them, prompted by one of their posts.
  8. Somebody didn't read the articles or do more than skim my posts. Shocker. 😐
  9. You mean like evidence from survivors (though, of course, many women died, so we won't have to concern ourselves with testimony from those women), eyewitness testimony, evidence from first responders, evidence from morgue workers, evidence from forensic workers. You know, those mentioned in the articles I've linked to? That sort of evidence? Believe all women, but not those women.
  10. I think Stantz and Spengler just crossed the streams again, because I couldn't agree with you more. Jones is a self-righteous, misogynistic arsehole. The pile-ons he instigates from his huge number of followers on Twitter are in direct contravention of the Guardian's rules on social media yet here he still is, generating those clicks, getting that engagement. Funny that. Having said that, he'd feel right at home in this thread, as Janice Turner in this extremely powerful piece in yesterday's Times would agree: Why’s the #MeToo crowd silent on Hamas rape? From the UN to Owen Jones, the equivocating over sexual violence against Israeli women is inexcusable and abhorrent
  11. You can if you like, I suppose, though I find it sufficient to just be around during the specified time slot. But as my comment was in response to a post about a delivery where the recipient wasn't there to receive the parcel, it's not relevant to your situation.
  12. Did you not receive a message from Evri telling you on what day they would deliver the parcel, and a broad time slot? If so, they'll likely argue that you should have been around for the delivery.
  13. Get your 'well, actually...' or your 'yes, but...' hats on, because here's another one for our 'pics or it didn't happen' lads: Whatever your view of the Israel-Hamas war, rape is rape. To trivialise it is to diminish ourselves Rape as a war crime didn't happen this time, though, did it? These survivors' testimony is dubious, isn't it? Pics or it didn't happen.
  14. Ah, yes. I'd forgotten about Chekhov's large, representative and universally applicable focus group. Of course I'll now have to retract my comment and totally rethink my ideas about how normal human interactions work.
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