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  1. I repaired a fair bit of drones (mainly DJI and Hubsan) but may be able to advise about the matter
  2. As motherboard for Ryzen 2700 I could recommend the MSI Tomahawk series or Asrock Steel legend B450 (which I use myself paired with ryzen 5 3600x). Other motherboard lige gigabyte and asus had some issues known with overheating VRM's due to poor quality alloy heatsinks (hard to believe that asus cheaped out on that). I have built hundreds of gaming computers as well as worked for long time in now forgotten repair shop in sheffield called ehallam. You more than welcome to contact me if you need any advice or answer
  3. Hello everyone! I'm looking for some advice/personal experiences from fellow motorists regarding remaps of car engine to achieve higher performance and mpg. I have mazda 6 Takuya version 2012 2.2 turbo diesel and thinking about remap. I do care about my cars and was always getting filters, oils fluids etc replaced on time, my dad is also quite skilled auto mechanic who often helps me out if I dont know what I'm doing (I'm IT engineer myself so car questions are not my strongest side). I know now that remap prices goes £150-£250 depending on company. I also just had carbon cleaning done by really cool guy from Revive carbon clean company, and he suggested the remap might give a pleasant performance boost. What is other peoples opinions and personal experience on this matter? Thanks P.S. sorry for some grammar errors, english language is my second, but I'm trying my best!
  4. Hi! I've got Mazda takuya 2.2 diesel 163bhp, year 2012. Anyone can suggest trustworthy and |reasonably priced place to remap the engine to get a bit more power, torque and economy? I can see prices vary £150-350. Thanks
  5. Because everything was working on 240v and I am NOT a lightbulb, I turned the power off completely. Cut the wire that went to timeswitch. check which colours goes here and there. Connected positive and negative wires, as well as pridged positive to heatlinks connection 2, and connected call for heat cable to connector 3. Works wonders, I thought it will be a bit more difficult but everything works in a sense of automatic light switch-like. Thanks for answer tho!
  6. Hello guys! just got a question here. So i have home heating system, Drayton Lifestyle LP111 timeswitch, Vaillant ecotec pro boiler and some chinese knock off wifi "smart"-ish thermostat. The "smartish" thermostat works as automatic switch (duh) when temperature drops below set temperature by 2 degrees it will turn the boiler on, simple deal, three cables in. Now, I won at work the Nest 3rd generation learning thermostat. It has thermostat which is a smart thingie with a round lcd screen, and something called "nest heat-link". I'm a bit lost here. SO cables that goes to thermostat, do they possibly come from timeswitch (which would make them 240v effectively frying the nest thermostat). Overall I'm a bit confused. I'm electrician and IT engineer of 17 years but this got me a bit confused. Anyones familiar with wiring diagrams of these things?. Thanks
  7. Not really, it requires some reference numbers from V62 form and I dont have it, only dealers can send them out. Well, at least ive been told so, so i only filled in direct debit form that they will register in post office...
  8. Hello peeps. I want to ask someone who knows their stuff, without any speculation, if i can drive my car or not. I bought a car from dealer yesterday, all paperwork sigbed, transferred my insurance etc. But road tax is expired, car was repossessed after failed finance, and only had V62 form, instead of V5C or V11. Now im anxious to drive it until it actually shows that it is taxed.
  9. A bit strange to ask this in steel city xD but does anyone know place in sheffield who can cut my own metal in desired sizes? I got several damascus steel rods that i need cut into 1cm long discs (2.5cm diameter). Anyone has suggestions if there is any machining company or facility who would do that? Thanks
  10. Hello people! SO I decided to go for a motorcycle riding. Gave up on car as I thought having a car as I travel alone all the time, was not worth keeping it. In two weeks I'm taking my CBT, and then planning to go either A2 or DAS, but I cant decide. I dont really like fast rides, loud engines and revving, I just want good commuter, powerfull enough to pull me through motorways. I set my eyes on Kawasaki Ninja 300, which is very good all rounder. A2 license is enough for it. Now I got enough money for DAS too, but price wise A2 may be around £200 cheaper than DAS. If I do not intend to go above 400cc (Ninja 300 is exactly 300cc and 35bhp perfect for A2), would it make more sense to go for A2? Any advice appreciated!
  11. Hello people! So I'd like to ask if anyone knows the answer. I have full UK drivers licence for over 9 years already. I decided to migrate completely to motorcycle instead. Now, I do have full drivers licence, I'm 29, got 5 years of NCD on my insurances. I'm getting ready to go for a CBT and then buy 125cc motorcycle to get used to riding and motorcycle controls. The question is... Do I need the L sticker on motorcycle? as a lot of guides online say different things some say if you have other type of licence you only need CBT and you're OK without L sticker... I just want to be sure... Anyone knows anything about this?
  12. Hello everyone! I'm huge fan of wild swimming. I've been living in Sheffield for 7 years and managed to find one spot - Slippery stones in Peak district. Are there anymore spots? Mind to share? Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks for all the answers! Repeater worked, signal appeared and even 3D was supported but image was getting distorted when I tried to watch Hi res images. I removed the repeater and, somehow it works now. I use same 10M cable, same connector and it works well. Strange, for three days I was looking for solution and even tried different cable, but only after plugging in the HDMI repeater it started to work. Thanks anyway, problem solved now!
  14. Hey people. Maybe someone will be able to help me. I have a high end gaming PC which I'm trying to set up with my projector (for long movie evenings). I have bough good quality Optoma projector which supports 1080p input. Now I have tried 10m cable on my old (demo) projector before buying Optoma, and it worked perfectly (cheap chinese projector, image quality horrible and only 800 lumens, but it worked), now when I connect new Optoma, it does not work, it works with chromestick or connected to laptop, but does not work on my PC. My graphics are Radeon Fury X, three DP and one HDMI ports. HDMI port definitely works as I used it with my telly before. Today I have bought HDMI signal repeater to test maybe just cable lenght is an issue. But if not, what should I try? Maybe DP to HDMI adapter and try same cable, I dont want to use 10m long analog input as signal would be horrible. Any ideas? Anyone else had similar issue? Any help appreciated!
  15. Hello guys, I need help: I'm quite techy guy, have repaired a lot of computers but now stumbled on something I cant fix. I wanted to replace my own laptops motherboard as it had failed GPU, ordered brand new motherboard from manufacturer. Now I found out it needs battery port and m-sata ports soldered on (new or moved from old motherboard. Can anyone in sheffield do that?
  16. Hello people It may sound childish, but I had been doing some research on nootropics. Basically it's medicaments and supplements that boosts IQ, memory and other cognitive functions because of missing element in brain while aging. Now this topic went to sci-fi as well with movie Limitless, where main protagonist took overpowered nootropic pill called NZT-48. But this film is based on real life nootropics as far as I understand. Has anyone here tried DMAE or other cognitive function boosters and has something to say? I have difficulties concentrating sometimes and memory is not as good as it was in college days. Opinions appreciated! Thanks
  17. Hello people! I just wanting to know. My friends starts business and wants to advertise his brand as good as possible. I'd like to help him and put his brand logo or website sticker on my car's rear window. it would take about 25-30% of window clear area. Now the question is, do I need to inform my insurance? This is not decorative, it's promotional sticker (just like car dealers leave one when you buy a car). Any people who had this before and can share some knowledge? Thanks
  18. Yo! I'd check out those people from ehallam. Fairly close to city centre(waljley) in seems to be fair and friendly place. http://www.ehallam.com
  19. You want to buy a modular PSU dont go for used ones unless really trusted seller. Now new ones, depending on how much power you need you may just go with semi modular. I bought semi modular overclockers branded 80 Bronze PSU, it powers up my OC 8320fx chip and radeon R9 290X, it's been 2 years already never had any problems. Small advice - if you going to buy semi modular PSU, check that cables would be braided in same color as the case, it's blends in cicely then.
  20. Hello I think you may find those in Maplin, but honestly, they always charge a fortune even for a small item (like sata to molex adapter for £7 ). Didn't you check ebay or amazon for those parts? On ebay arduino board with ready soldered headers is around £6, UART converter costs around £5 and 4o pcs of female duponts costs less than £3. So you'd be looking at £16-18. In Maplin you'd most likely pay around £40 altogether. Just sayin...
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