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  1. Maybe. Must've been goin at some speed though.... the barriers at the Lidl junction were smashed to **** and the cars were 50 yards further up!
  2. They wouldn't cover the Micra up with a sheet if it wasn't a Fatality. Civic was a right mess too.
  3. Thought I'd treat misen to one. scarby007 for the Gamertag.
  4. I'm quite surprised Castle have any custom for the extortionate prices they charge.
  5. Yup.... He's a good lad, both the brothers are. Polite as well, to say they hail from Arbourthorne!
  6. Ah, unlucky. Mick, 1st round again? Brilliant! See ya tonight nobhead!
  7. I've had several near-misses with my bike, people walking out in front of me cos it's that quiet. So I popped the end off the exhaust, drilled a few holes, then shoved it back on. Now folk can hear me coming..... Safety first!
  8. The most secure way of deleting your private data, is to destroy the Hard drive, smash it with a hammer, burn it, run over it with a tank, then use some junior hacksaw blades and cut it into a thousand pieces. Seriously, take out the hard drive, destroy it, and install another cheap one - sorted.
  9. Googling "windows protect 2010" doesn't bring up any immediate results. What version of windows are you running? Have you tried a spyware scan with something like Spybot Search & Destroy??
  10. Try opening network settings, and the list of all networks you've connected to, delete the ones you don't use, and make sure yours is at the top. That's one suggestion. Interference from other electronic stuff. Try moving your router to a different location, and try again. Maybe you need to login to your router and tinker around with the settings. Good luck.
  11. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CSS-Cookbook-(Cookbooks-(O%27Reilly))---Schmitt,-Chri-New_W0QQitemZ230382373317QQcmdZViewItem
  12. I think if an account isn't accessed within a certain amount of time, it gets closed. It's possible that the scottish lady *had* it, but then didn't bother to use it after a while. And then you set the same one up.........
  13. Unfortunatly yes, 26... although I still feel 21. Well, I was feelin 21 last night. Cheers ladies.
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